Apple Cider Vinegar Against Insects

Do you know that apple cider vinegar is one great insecticide?

I do not think anyone will like ants, cockroaches, termites, bugs in their homes. That’s why insecticides are one of the high selling products. You might not realize but you are spending a lot of money on insecticides. Now, it is time to switch to something that is effective and also cheap.

Our house was already 20 years old when we acquired it hence pests are not rare. Aside from the usual pests, our home was attacked by bed bugs last year. We first discovered the presence of bed bugs in our bed. We were shocked and after cleaning the bed, we found bed bugs in the living room sofa. We tried to eradicate those pests by fumigating the whole house with insecticide spray. Unfortunately, insecticide spray doesn’t work on bed bugs. I don’t know why.

After consulting a friend who used to work in a pest control company, we washed all the furniture and anything that can be washed with soap. We used liquid dishwashing soap which was more potent. We found dead bed bugs flowing with the water upon rinsing the chairs and sofa. Take note that it takes days for the furniture to dry. But that is one sure way of eradicating the pest. Or so we thought. After a few weeks, we again spotted the tiny bed bugs in our living room. Another washing of furniture.

And then someone suggested that we try apple cider vinegar. It is very effective in repelling bed bugs. Oh, really?

Although the sour odor of the apple cider vinegar was unpleasant, we sprayed the whole house. But we had to leave the house for hours to let the odor sink down. After airing the living room with electric fans, our house was again livable by dinner time.

In the following days, everyone was on their toes to observe the effect of our weapon against the bed bugs. We did not find any bed bugs on the floor. What we saw were a couple of cockroaches and some black ants in the kitchen, all dead. However, we noticed that it was more than a week when we have been missing the bed bugs. No more itchy bites while watching tv. No more sleep interruptions due to uncontrolled scratching. Our home was finally at peace without the bed bugs.

The apple cider vinegar was great advice. And after a month of spraying our home with apple cider vinegar, we declared our victory in the war against the unwelcome insects. But for good measure, we regularly spray apple cider vinegar to the nook and crannies of our house, particularly the corners of our bedroom, once a week or sometimes once every 2 weeks. Apple cider vinegar is a great weapon against insects.

And to secure our home against unwanted entry of pests, we spray apple cider vinegar on the floor by the door so that attempts to enter will be thwarted by the odor. Our home is now bereft not only of bed bugs but also of ants, cockroaches, and other unwanted insects. We have noticed that mosquitoes and flies are also gone. A simple solution to a great problem.

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