Are You in Relationship? Do Not Forget Self-love and Self-care

We should not forget ourselves

The general tendency when we are in love is that we forget our true self and our primary focus is always our partner; however, this tendency is not good for our mental and emotional wellbeing. If you don’t take proper care of yourself or maybe think in terms of “Okay I will deal with myself later” the chances are there that you will harm your mental state on a long-term basis.

All of us need love and for that purpose we make every effort in life. When we find love in our life, we try to make every possible attempt to adjust with the love of our life, even if that means we have to compromise our happiness. However, we should not forget “ourselves” in the whole process of this love game. You should never forget your true self when you are in a relationship. Or, are you fully involved in the game of love and have forgotten about your own self?

Maybe the person you thought was good enough but later you discover that he/she was not up to your choice or you two were not made for each other then what will be your course of action. The best way is to keep a safe distance as long you are fully satisfied and if you still feel or have doubts, better come out of that uncomfortable relation.

Most people feel nice when they meet with someone with certain similar hobbies or like them based on their physical attraction and forget everything else but feel they have found their ultimate sole-mate. They then sacrifice everything else to impress them or to please them but let me warn you, do not sacrifice your own happiness unless you are sure.

There is nothing wrong in looking for a companion but never compromise with your choices or compromise with your liking because you might regret your decision and feel at loss of self-confidence if you miss your desired qualities in your partner.

It may sound a bit selfish or against the set norms of what we all have heard about love that love is selfless but in my view we should place us before the one we chose to be our companion. If you don’t love your own self, you love no one else too.

Love relations and self-care

No one can deny the importance of love in life. There is no doubt about the fact that affection and love are important aspects of life and one can’t live without love and affection but at the same time people should understand about their priorities too.

Here is a list of few simple questions. What is the most important thing in your life or what gives more satisfaction to you? I know for most of us love has the top spot on the list of priorities but there is nothing wrong if you make a list of self-care and follow it religiously. And there is one more question, why can’t you love yourself even when you are in a relationship?

A good self-care plan consists of regular exercising, enough quality sleep, good dietary habits, do what you love doing, quality time with friends and relatives or add in the list what gives you most satisfaction including outdoor or indoor games, music, movies, outings with friends or jogging and walking, rock climbing, brisk walking, etc.

There is a lot more in life than dating and relationships. You have a life and you have to live it according to your own personal preference. You have certain goals to achieve so focus on them and you will be surprised to see that you are able to make better decisions as far your hobbies are concerned.

Know your own value

The only purpose of this post is to highlight the importance of your own importance because while giving importance to someone else it is also imperative that you also take your personal care. However, taking personal care doesn’t mean being self-obsessed or excessively preoccupied with one’s own life and circumstances or thinking only about your own self. Once you learn to love your true self, you will see an increased level of confidence in your own capabilities.

3 thoughts on “Are You in Relationship? Do Not Forget Self-love and Self-care

  1. Very important, we should care for ourselves too, and not care for the lady all the time. I can’t look tattered just to care for the woman i love, we must all look good and presentable.

  2. I always say, people who don’t love themselves will not be loved by others. Self-love or putting yourself in the first place is important because if you don’t do that, you will never show the best version of yourself and there will be nothing people will love about you.

  3. The true fact still stands that, it’s crucial to cherish and prioritize ourselves in the journey of love. Your insights on maintaining our individuality while being in a relationship resonate deeply. Self-care is not selfish; it’s a foundation for a healthier, happier connection. Remembering our true worth ensures that love enhances our lives without overshadowing our identity.

    There are some decision and actions you take from personal preferences and it stiffens and add more strong bond energy to your relationship. Also activities is not to be left behind some activities can strengthens ones relationship than before. All am em phasing is that yup should not leave yourself making your relationship decisions.

    There is always privacy and personal goals in relationships. There are some things you foresight and do them to safe yourself and the relationship at large. There are some relationship that break ups is the best way to safe yup both as to avoid sever destruction that might not be fox able in the future to come.

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