Hot Cocoa Tastes Better In An Orange Cup: How Container Color Influences Our Tate?

A study conducted by a group of scientists from Europe has indicated that the color of the container where the food or beverage is served has an impact on how it tastes.

The participants in the survey had to sample hot cocoa from differently colored cups, and the result showed that the beverage served in orange cups tasted better than served in other cups.

The color of Sprite is transparent but is stored in a green bottle. Do you know why? Because our mind associates green with refreshment, which means people are likely to feel refreshed after drinking sprite.

Likewise, if you drink cocoa in an orange cup, it tastes better.

Do you know why hot cocoa is sweeter and way more aromatic when served in orange cups?

Apparently, it has to do with how the brain integrates visual information, in our case the color of the cup. Scientists are conducting research for many years about how our senses have an influence on the taste of the food and drink we are consuming.

I have to agree with this research result, as I am drinking my hot cocoa in an orange cup day by day, and it is my favorite beverage.

It is believed that the Mayans, around 1000 B.C, started cultivating Cocao. The cacao beans grow on the Theobroma cacao tree. The name itself “Theobroma cacao” means “Food of the Gods”.It takes about 5-6 years for the cacao tree to bear its first fruit, known as cacao pod which contains cacao beans.

The cacao was highly valued by the Mayan culture in Mesoamerica and was used as currency as well. Some archaeological discoveries point to the fact that drinking cacao was a privilege only for the Mayans with higher social status.

Cocoa is consumed all over the globe and its derivatives, like chocolate or hot cocoa, are, in the majority, the preferred treatment of children and grown-ups alike, thanks to its unique, exotic flavor.

A huge number of researches have demonstrated that cacao is nutrients dense, and has many benefits on our health and nutrition. The cacao is rich in antioxidants, in nutrients such as magnesium, iron, potassium, alkaloids.

Thanks to these nutrients drinking hot cocoa or eating dark chocolate help to lower the cholesterol levels, can have a positive influence on the heart’s health, thanks to its flavanols content, as reduces risks of heart attack and strokes by 40%, has a calming effect on us, boosts our energy level, it offers benefits on the skin as well, rejuvenating it and making it more velvety and supple, prevents memory decline, improves eyesight, thanks to its flavonoid content, has a positive influence on our mood, and much more.

Some studies have shown that drinking hot cocoa(with less sugar content) or eating dark chocolate before bed, can have a positive effect on our sleep as well.

Indeed, dark chocolate is among the preferred before-bed snacks for many, as contains a little amount of caffeine and almost no sugar.

When buying dark chocolate it is recommended to look for the label. In order to fully enjoy all its benefits on our health, dark chocolate should contain about 70% cacao and less added fat and sugar. The higher the level of the cacao content in the dark chocolate, the more nutrients it contains.

Consumed in moderation hot cocoa or dark chocolate can provide us a better health status, as it was proved by many research conducted on chocolate consumers.

Having a moderate dark chocolate intake can boost our physical and psychological performance in many areas of life, and it takes care of our overall health.

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