How Educational Games and Mobile Learning Can Help Your Kid Develop Mentally

How Educational Games and Mobile Learning Can Help Your Kid Develop Mentally

The Corona Virus Pandemic has hampered every walks of life, however, the hardest hit is the education sector. Around the world, at every level, from kindergarten to the Masters or higher degree, have been adversely affected. It is even being speculated that the whole academic year will collapse. If you are a parent, you might be too much worried about your kid’s education as the education system is at a standstill.

While as a parent, you may not be able to play the role of a teacher and help your kid learn as he/she would have learned when this pandemic had not happened. However, you can do something so that your kid will continue to learn and develop mentally.

Fun games are necessary for kids and their educational development. The learning process, in fact, gets enhanced when learning toys and other educational games are involved. These fun games do carry a number of advantages for the kids. It not only helps the kid understand better but also aids in their overall development. Fun games ensure that there is no boring moment in the learning process which naturally means your kid is going to be more attentive towards educational games compared to the learning techniques where educational games are not involved. When a fun-filled environment is introduced among the learners, it becomes way easier for the kids to absorb what has been taught.

Here are several ways in which educational games for 3-5 years old kids help in the overall development in the learning process. It is crucial to consider several key points to understand why educational games are the need of an hour.

Social skills – Development of social skills is important. These educational games help our kid to develop his or her social skills. These games allow kids to mingle with one another while playing. This also teaches them how to convenience, communicate better and maintain patience at the same time. Since we are social animals it is important that your kid learns social skills.

Sportsmanship – Educational games allow children to learn sportsmanship. When they play with one another, they eventually learn to develop a high level of integrity. These games also teach how to lose gracefully and be happy about the improved ability.

Verbal Skills – Verbal skills are vital. When your child gets a chance to interact with others they eventually develop their verbal skills. In their development stage, these games help kids learn new vocabulary. Researchers show that children learn effective ways to communicate through such games.

Mathematic skills – Educational games like these even help in garnering mathematical skills. Kids get their hands on basic maths quite easily. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help them harness the skills of mathematics. Educational games help them do that quite efficiently. Certainly, this would be one of the best gifts for kids.

Phonics – Learning phonics is important especially while your kid is growing. There are numerous kids learning toys that primarily focus on learning phonics. Reading words properly and then understanding the word and its meaning takes more than a simple reading. Enhancing the knowledge of phonics works wonderfully. Hence, phonics for kids is something you must be focusing on while reading.

Potential of Mobile Learning as a Medium of Education in Post-Covid19

Until now, education was confined to the four walls of a classroom. However, with the emergence of mobile technology, and easy access to the internet, learning has taken a rather different shape. Evolving from an ‘optional aid’ to a ‘must-have’, internet technology and mobile devices have offered a whole new prerogative to the education industry. Mobile learning is become a new learning method not only in the first world like the US and the UK for also in developing world like India.

Widening the horizons of potential learning opportunities, mobile learning facilitates ‘anytime and anywhere learning’.

So what exactly is mobile learning?

Mobile learning is an online learning method where the learner uses hand held devices like phone and tabs for learning. The kids use mobile apps or web bases virtual classrooms to learn.

Of late, the concept has harnessed a lot of interest from education-based companies, looking forward to capitalizing on the potential efficacies of mobile learning solutions. The concept has been there for almost a decade now. However, the last few years have witnessed a steady increase in its adoption. A lot of companies have introduced mobile apps for mobile learning with the aim to change the face of education with their ‘Smart learning’ approach for decades. They are introducing advanced ed-tech solutions to schools – paving the way for education-oriented innovations and initiatives.

A simple google search will give you a list of mobile education providers. These mobile education providers offer a different kind of courses, from regular kind of syllabus, or short term course. These mobile education providers are trying to bring digital revolution to the education sectors. Mobile education is offering tailor-made, and skill-based learning methods for those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills. Moving away from the conventional classroom set-up, students could opt for education based on mobile technology. It has certainly led to concerted and flexible learning. As per a recent study, more than 70 percent of people across the globe will be smartphone users in the near future. This on-the-go mobile learning process has entailed a paradigm shift in the education segment, making the process of acquiring it a lot easier.

A lot of countries and a lot of tech giants are already heavily investing in mobile learning technologies leveraging its much-talked-about potentials. For example, LinkedIn, Microsoft etc. are have already mobile learning apps. You can use Khan Academy, Udemy, LinkedIn. Alisson etc for mobile learning. Applications like iProf, Duolingo, and Amazon Kindle have created a platform for mobile learning in the education sector. A certain study found that a lot of people believe mobile learning to be highly useful. They prefer gaining knowledge from these sources over other alternatives. Increasing mobile usage has also enhanced the need for mobile learning in education. With the increasing use of Zoom like application, mobile education has already shown great potential for the revolution in the education sector.

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  1. I am a kindergarten teacher. I am fond of using educational games to teach students. When you use games to teach kids, they will learn better, faster.

  2. A lot of people believe that their kids’ online activities are detrimental. However, contrary to the popular belief, I believe that if we let kids focus on good things such as educational games, learning games etc. online activities for kids are really good for brain development.

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