How to Enjoy Life Productively When You are Single

Life is full of mystery, every moment life surprises you. Life brings new things in bits and pieces. You should always try to grab what’s before you, and enjoy life in bits and pieces.

If you are an adult, and still single, you might be a little carried away by your singlehood. You are single does not mean you are cursed and there is nothing wrong with being single to a certain age, no matter what one has achieved in life. It is better for one to be financially, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually ready to be hinged than rushing to get married or be in a relationship just because you think you are tired of being single or you believe you are miserable because you are single. Getting into a relationship just because you think you are miserable due to singlehood is not a good idea. You should never get into a relationship until you want to be with that person badly. You can still enjoy and be productive until you are ready for another phase in your life. Marriage also comes with its twists and turns and only the people besotted in married life can make it perfect, lively, and welcoming. Just like you have to work for happiness when you are single, you also have to work for conjugal happiness when you are married. It is you who can make every situation worthwhile.

Check out these 5 simple yet interesting ways that can help you enjoy and be productive in your single life.

Be unique: Nothing will give you joy like when you are yourself. Try to find what interests you and try to do more activities that make you feel good. When you do what you love, it will give you so much joy because you’re not forced to do it. You might even be killing two birds with a stone. Do you love to sing, then write songs and meet up with record labels and see how you can make money off it.

Enjoy your company: Why would you want to spend time with annoying friends that can’t add value to your life? The best person to give you comfort is you, yourself. It is you who understands better, it is you who knows every secret about yourself. You can use your own company to reflect, to contemplate, to be happy. Being alone is the best time to meditate and chart a new course for your life. By doing so you not only enjoy the time, you can also think about other productive means of survival.

Relish your freedom: This is the right time for you to enjoy all the time of your life. This can’t be the same when you’re married. So get up and go see the things you have in mind, do things that you always wanted to do, do anything you want. There is no one to restrict you.

Go on a travel spree: When you are single, this also means you have time and funds for traveling. Travelling can not only help you learn a lot of things but also makes you happy. You can even store your travel memories for a lifetime to be recalled whenever you want. You can still be productive enjoying yourself. Maybe you can pick up blogging and writing all about your traveling, or sharing your travel videos. Who knows you might even make money from your travel blogs and vlogs.

Start learning: This is the right time to learn all that you would love to know. Having a family wouldn’t let you afford the opportunity of learning any longer (because you don’t have time or money). When you are in conjugal life, you will be more of working to take care of the family and making sure the children are in a good school. So, if you need to acquire some culinary skills, acquired a new degree, do some certification courses, learn new hobbies, etc. you have the time now. Enjoy acquiring skills and knowledge that will not only make you productive and creative at present but also help you in the future, when you are married and have kids.

Therefore, instead of being sad about your singlehood, you can actually explore who you are and enjoy your life to the fullest. Never seek happiness and enjoyment from others, you and only you are the ultimate sources of happiness.

Do You Actually Need a Company to Feel Loved or Remain Happy?

We just talked about how you can be happy and enjoy life even when you are single. This discussion brings up an important question:

Do you actually need a company to feel loved or remain happy?

Prehistoric man did not, of course, think about happiness because his needs were simple, just to fill his belly and get away from danger. However, once the civilization started and the human species began cultivating plants for food, they might have begun to think about happiness as they were more concerned with comfort.

Seven billion people on earth might have 7 billion ideas on happiness and we are not trying to define what happiness actually is. However, this is a really important question:

Do you actually need someone to feel happy or loved?

Well, certainly not!

But it’s all about how you can enjoy your life even if you are alone.

An individual needs just three things to be truly happy: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.

No, I didn’t say that but Tom Bodett did. If you are not in the United States you might not know who Tom Bodett is. However, this guy, a voice actor and radio personality, is also an author.

If Tom Bodett said that does this mean if you have no one to live with or stay all on your own, you have no right to be happy or be loved?

But then there is also another question: How long can you stay all alone?

Well, loneliness is also a relative term. You might feel lonely even when you have people around you. This applies even for someone who is married and has kids. You might have a family yet you can feel lonely as you find no one to share your problems, emotions etc.

Feeling lonely even with you are with your spouse and kids is perfectly ok until this feeling over pours you. If you begin to feel lonely all the time, you have depression. However, if you feel lonely and sad, sometimes that’s ok.

How would you feel if you’re left alone in a room for a few hours with no TV, computer, mobile phone, books, music, and a person? Oh, this can be a scary feeling for a lot of people. Can you tell me how long would you be able to stand that situation?

If you ask people what makes them lonely, most of them would say they feel lonely or sad because they have no friends or company. However, not having loving and caring people around you is not the only reason for loneliness and unhappiness because there are people who have that feeling even though they are surrounded by a lot of people. Loneliness is a common experience, all of us have that feeling. That’s a horrible moment beyond description.

A lot of people suggest taking to writing and making yourself busy or at least sublimate your emotions in written words. Well, to be true, this technique actually works, you can sublimate your loneliness and move past your feelings of loneliness.

“By the way, it is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts,” said Adlai Stevenson.

Do you like it overcrowded?

To be frank, a lot of people are not comfortable in overcrowded places or functions with loud music or for the sake of meeting unknown people. They are simply doing that because they are pretending to be happy in the company of people. Instead of being in a crowded place, you will feel better when you go to a park alone, watch birds and animals, sit at the bank of a river, watch people from a distance. Ever tried these things? Do it right now, you will thank me. That’s for sure.

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