How to Prepare Your Child to Become a Good Citizen

Life is too precious so I can’t leave it on its own course. I must take every step carefully as if I am going to appear in a job interview, or I should play every shot as cautiously as I play a shot at the golf course. It’s all in reference to how we look at the necessities of the present time without caring a bit for our future. That is also absolutely necessary for my child be a good Future Citizen.

Do you think your children need your guidance?

There is an old saying, ‘we should enjoy today forgetting all about future worries’. True, indeed. However, on the flip side do you think this theory will work in every field of our life. For instance, if it comes to learn the art of living or upbringing children we cannot treat these matters lightly. When I am very concerned about the future of my children, I cannot simply leave them on their fate. In fact, I have to think seriously about their future, from today itself.

Do you think money is everything?

And when I am on the subject of the future my worries are not limited to monetary issues as there is no limit on how much we can earn or save for tomorrow but I am more concerned about how we prepare the next generation giving them enough courage and self-confidence to face the world. When you are raising your child, you are also raising a citizen of the nation.

If you look around, you will see a lot of people who regret their parenting style. They say they regret that they did not do enough t bring up a good citizen. They even want to mend their mistakes, only f they could time travel. Well, we cannot travel back but there is good news for all of us as far as parenting is concerned we can mend our ways whenever we wish to do so.

A mind free from too many desires

You might provide your kids with the best dress, or best gadget. However, that’s not enough. What’s more important is your kids are indoctrinated with ethics and morality and they become well-mannered and well-cultured. Money is very moveable, kit comes and goes, never sits in the same place for too long. You need to understand this truth about money and enjoy life whether the money comes or goes.

 Provide your children with good education and manners, everything else will come to them without much effort. Ambition is good, over-ambitious is bad. Desire as long as withing the benefit of greater cause is good but only for personal gain is bad.

What you can do

First of all, it’s entirely your own outlook on how you feel about future life and your upbringing which is probably the main factor of your child’s future. If you check on parenting advice, all the popular methods of bringing up depend entirely on parents’ outlook right from the beginning.

However, there is no doubt about the fact that patience is the key. Never force your child to do something against his wish or at least what it looks like you were trying to force him. You should do what you think is best for your child but have patience and make your child believe that he is doing it willingly.

Let your child take the initiative

Finally, never make your child feel guilty but do everything in a normal way. Sometimes you could feel bad or happy, maybe sad or mad. There will be times when you will be proud or even ashamed of what your child did but wait a moment.


It should not be you but your child who should feel it himself. You will have to prepare him to face the world and take responsibility for good and bad.

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