Kill that habit before it kills you

Nothing interrupts your life and keeps you away from doing excellently well in all ways like bad habits. Bad habits are silent killers because they can kill one mentally, physically, financially, socially, psychologically and otherwise. There are easy to learn and very difficult to drop and there take away both the time and money leaving one almost empty.

Bad habits surface sometimes due to boredom, wanting to belong, peer pressure, stress, frustration, etc but the truth is that none of this helps our lives in any way and starting a bad habit because of the following factors wouldn’t lead one anywhere. The only way we can be alive is by killing them before we become a walking corpse and if you need simple ways this can be achieved then keep reading

5 top ways of killing bad habits

Replace them with good habits:

Bad habits are addictive and you will always yearn to indulge in them, so the urge will always be there but to keep them at bay, think of a good thing to do when the craving comes. If you smoke and drink heavily, you can replace it with something healthy. The truth is that you will always want to indulge in a habit but you can still indulge in it but this time with a healthy alternative of it.

Avoid places of triggers:

As a chain smoker or drinker, there’s no way you can resist them when you find yourself in the club, at the beer joint or hotels. Avoid these places. If you are addicted to porn, stop going to porn sites. You can put a restriction on yourself for going to places that will trigger your bad habits.

Have a new circle of friends

We get ourselves into all sorts of habits a lot of times from the kind of friends we keep. This makes the adage true that birds of a feather flock together. If you have friends that urge you on, on most of your bad habits then you need to change your circles of friends. You will always find people you might want to model your life after, then go makes friends with them and disentangle yourself from your previous bad circles.

Join a positive group

You just have to join forces with someone or people to help them hold you accountable and be there to push you on. You can either form a group or join groups with the same interest so that one can keep a tab on you and help you make more progress.

A day at a time

Don’t be in a haste to see changes and become impatient about the whole progress. Take a snail pace if that is the pace you can succeed with. Try to be a better person every second and before you know it, you would get there. Remember success lies in you and you just need to  visualize only success and believe you will win this against all odds. So move with any pace provided you are making progress no matter the little difference.

5 thoughts on “Kill that habit before it kills you

  1. One day at a time. People need to say that to themselves over and over. I tried to help one of my children by reminding them that the struggle for one day is more than enough for you to deal with it.

  2. i really of the same thoughts and i remain in touch with my kids and family to teach them and motivate to have good for their future prosperity

  3. To gain in our daily life we should cut our bad habits to be successful and I agree with this.

  4. This is a good page. Thanks for the info. keep it up. upload good post like this post. we should follow this page. Thanks again.

  5. At times the wrong friends we follow changes our attitude and makes us develop bad habit. That’s why we ought to avoid some friends, and follow those ones that is thinking towards productivity.

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