Who Decides How Your Life Should Be

These days a lot of people are always complaining, they are complaining about their husbands, kids, co-workers, government, almost everything. Interestingly, these days you also get to meet people who are always giving you advice and suggestions and pretend to be Mr/Ms know all.

Maybe you are in a company of people and all of a sudden someone begins to talk about your clothes, he might be suggesting you not to wear polka dots because it makes you look short.

I say the heck with negativity. Stay with the real face value.

I say the heck with all such advisers, I am okay the way I am and I will do according to my own decision. I am the best judge, at least for myself. I will decide whether I should cut weight, put on weight, wear long dresses, wear miniskirt, trim eyebrows, or keep them unmanaged. It is only me who can actually tell whether I am happy or sad. No once can pass a verdict about the state of happiness in my life. I am the best person to give myself guidance and recommendations or offer advice for the future course of action.

Present generation is capable of doing things in a positive way

I believe that the present generation has a perfect and creative mind that knows all about the human spirit. The present generation is well equipped with how and what they should do to improve their future. They are good enough and can use their self abilities and even change the older style of working with innovative ideas.

We have seen a lot of changes over the years, for instance, a telephone which did not have a dial and you had to call the manual exchange to connect your required number; from the foot-operated printing press to automatic machines that can print, fold and pack thousands of newspapers within no time. But may I ask where do these ideas come from?

I am a firm believer in ‘face value’, which literately means the printed or certified value of something that you cannot change; or the apparent worth or implication of something. But face value is also explained in terms of values related to facts of life. You do not know what the person with a smiling face is facing inside him so it’s better to be polite toward everyone.

They know how to fight with their problems

But I also believe that the value of something might be altogether different from what it looks on its face value. You can see a lot of smiling faces in the crowd but you do not see the sadness hidden behind those smiling faces as every person in this world is fighting a struggle of his own. Only the one who is suffering from a particular problem will know about his/her problem but all you see is his/her smiling face.

If you have ever played with the keyboard of a harmonium or harmonica you might have noticed that joy and sorrow resemble the keys of harmonium with the same music of life coming from white and the black keys. However, our attention doesn’t get beyond the sad notes and almost of us always fail to listen to the joyful ones.


We never end complaining and always fail to enjoy the pleasantries of our life notes. We fail to remember the joyful moments but never forget the sad ones. Or, when something goes wrong you always feel ‘why it’s me again’ maybe not it’s you alone but thousands of other sufferings with the same problem at this very moment. As a matter of fact no one wants to accept that joy and sorrow are part of life and you have to live with both of them.

One thought on “Who Decides How Your Life Should Be

  1. I learnt many things about this article that centered who makes the decision for us.

    The decision is left for us to make, we shouldn’t allow anyone to spoil our thoughts with negative things, we still have career to chase in the future, we have family to care for. We shouldn’t depend on the ruin time, we should move on and stop hitting around the business to express our frustration that can’t be turned around with out hard-work to succeed.

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