Will You Earn More if You Look Better

Do you have a better chance of making money if your looks are above average?

Do you have a high chance of getting hired if you look better than others?

Do you earn more if you are more beautiful/handsome compared to your colleagues?

In this post, we are trying to find answers to these questions and try to analyze how looks matter or do not matter when it comes to earning,

Physical Appearance Vs. Net Income

A lot of people believe that if they have good looks and features, they stand a chance to earn better? Do you believe a handsome guy or beautiful woman earns more compared to a man and woman with average or below-average looks?

Well, if you go by the presumptions propounded by the social scientists, your body type, genes, height, earnings have a relation among them. No, I am not going to tell you to get a job in the fashion or sex industry or making extra money by selling your body. No, please don’t read me wrong as there are few other ways of selling your body that include scientific and medical purposes. But here I am curious to know if our body type has anything to do with our earning. People, do you stand a chance to earn better if you are tall and lovely.

Recently I read about research conducted on human genes by a group of British scientists on thousands of people who revealed that the income of a person depends on their genetic makeup. That was quite encouraging news for me with my height of 182 cm a little over the average height in my country. If I go by this report I stand to earn a little more than what others earn in my country but I wish that was the case.

I agree with the research to the point that a person is more active if he can do things in an organized way with lesser efforts and more efficiently with his well maintained, fit body the chances of his success increase without any doubt.

Wow, More Money? I am interested to increase my height

I wish I could find a way to increase my height by a few centimeters in order to increase my income but I guess the height and weight of a person mainly depend on his genetic makeup, his eating habits, lifestyle, etc. You may be able to control your weight, but you cannot tame your height, whether you are tall or short, you will have to live with it.

The report further said that their research is entirely based on Body Mass, the ratio of body weight, and the height of a person. The report also says that the earning of a person has a connection with the fact that how a person appears and carries himself. According to them a person 2.5 inches taller stands to earn 12% extra but if a woman has extra body weight she earns lesser than her slimmer counterpart.

I Want to Earn More Money- Should I Go For a Cosmetic Surgery?

I believe this with slight doubt in my mind. Suppose a woman gains few kilograms in a particular period, would that cause her a decreased income? Maybe yes in the case of a business person that extra weight will slow her down being the cause of her reduced income. But I like that part of the research which says a taller and slimmer man or woman stands a better chance of earning better than their shorter counterparts.

It’s interesting if not shocking for me but these researches can create doubts in the mind of many especially if they are overweight or short. The issue here deals with negative views or to be specific bias in our society. Although the fact remains that we all suffer from some of the other problems in fact we are all part of one or the other problem but not until someone pinpoints it specifically.

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