Common Gardening Mistakes

Gardening is a great hobby and in fact, some of the gardeners are generating income from their small gardens. It is also an effective stress-reliever for many people. But in order to do that, you should know the mistakes every gardener must be avoided. However, if you commit some of these mistakes, do not give up. There are many gardeners and hobbyists who are ready to help and assist you and just waiting for you to ask them.

So what are the mistakes that should be avoided by every gardener?

Soil selection. If you are trying to grow high-quality plants in very low-quality soil, expect that you will not have amazing plants. The plants may grow but might look unhealthy and the yield is less. This is especially true in vegetable gardening. The most important thing in every gardening is preparing your soil. I posted some articles here on soil management. Newly harvest compost.

Poor sunlight. Next to the soil, sunlight is one of the important things in a garden. It is very important for photosynthesis. Improperly placing your plants or not placing them in the right location can greatly affect the growth of your plants. As a general rule, plants need to receive the maximum sunlight of at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. For food-producing plants, they need more sunlight.

Check the back of your seeds when is the right time to plant them. Planting the wrong plants at the wrong time of the year is a mistake committed by some eager gardeners. Although there are technologies where plants can grow anytime in backyard or front yard gardening, you are dependent on nature’s natural temperature/climate. You need to make sure that the plant will be planted at the right time of the year. It is very critical to the success of your garden. Know your plants.

One of the mistakes of every new gardener is their eagerness to feed their plants to the point of overwatering them. The rule of thumb on the water is to water deeply but infrequently. It is a good idea to fill the soil with water for your plants, after that you should not water again unless the soil becomes dry. Some plants need less water while some plants require more. In addition, you should know that the water requirement is different for established plants with deep root systems and for new seedlings. New seedlings require frequent watering.

Use of fertilizer. Another mistake of new gardeners is overfeeding their plants. Just like humans, bloating yourself is not good. Fertilizer is like supplements. Always look at the back of the package and follow what the package recommends.

Pest control. Some gardeners have no knowledge about the pests in their gardens. You should know and identify the insects/pests in order to eliminate them. Learn how to control them by asking for help from your community or group of gardeners.

Other mistakes that every gardener should know:

Not pruning properly

Trying to grow something that is not a good companion to another plant


Killing useful insects

Remember, always do the soil test to know the problem of your soil before you do any of the above solutions.

Happy Planting!

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  1. I have done all of these mistakes when you start gardening for the first time you are prone to doing mistakes, but you should never be worried about mistakes s you will learn from your mistakes.

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