Decorative Candle Ideas: How to Make Embedded Herbs and Hurricane Shells Candle

In the past, candles were basically used for lighting, however, today, candles are generally used for decorative purpose. If you are into candle making and looking for decorative candle ideas, here are two decorative candle designs that you will surely love.

Embedded Herbs Candle

You can make candles with herbs in two different ways, by embedding herbs, or by pressing herbs.

If you want to know how to make herb embedded candles, here is easy to follow guide.

For this project, you need a light colored taper candle, a candle mold that is wider than the taper candle, dried herbs and flowers, and translucent or light-colored wax. An essential oil is optional.

Spray mold release into the mold. Put the taper candle in the center of the mold upside down. If the taper candle is longer than the mold, trim the bottom so that it is smaller than the mold. Pull the wick from the bottom of the mold and seal the mold.

Put dried herbs and flowers inside the mold. Make sure your tapered candle is in the middle. Fill the mold by half.

Melt the wax and pour into the mold. You can use fragrance if you want. As you pour wax into the mold, keep on stirring. You can add more herbs and flowers as you continue to pour wax.

When the candle cools down, it will be ready.

You can also make herbs candles by pressing herbs in a readymade candle. Here is how to do it.

You need a pillar candle for this project. The candle color must be contrasted to the color of herbs and flowers you are pressing on the candle.

Attach the herbs and flowers on the pillar candle with wax glue. Cover the candle with herbs and flowers completely.

Melt the wax and pour it into a flat container. Dip the herbs and flowers attached candle in the hot wax. When the candle is properly coated, take it out from the wax and put it on a paper towel to dry.

Hurricane Shells

In order to make hurricane shells candle, you need paraffin wax with the melting point of 150 F or higher, a mold with at least 4-inch diameter, hurricane insert, cookie sheet, mold release spray, dried botanicals, glass beads, wax chunks, silk flowers etc.

Melt the wax. You can add dyes to the wax, however, you should limit the use of dye because the light should be able to pass through the hurricane shell.

Spray mold release into the mold. Place the hurricane insert inside the mold. Hurricane insert is a cylindrical object with open ends. The purpose of this insert is to hold embedded items against the walls of the mold. Put botanicals, glass beads etc .that you have chosen for this project around the hurricane insert. Arrange the items the way you want them to appear in your finished candle. Pour the melted wax into the area between the hurricane insert and mold walls. Lift the insert slightly so that wax runs on all sides. Once the mold is filled, tap with a spoon in order to free air bubbles.

Fill a large container with water and place the mold inside the water. While the mold is cooling, lift the insert once in a while so that embedded items set on the bottom of the mold. When the wax solidifies, remove the insert and let the wax harden. This process generally takes 20 minutes.

Remove the mold. If the mold does not come out easily, place it in a fridge for 20 minutes. Level the inner and outer surface as well as the top with a knife.

Place a container candle inside the shell.

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