What To Do When You Have Problems With Your Siblings?

Sibling disputes, sibling rivalry, and sibling fights are common problems in a family where there are more than one kid. As the kids age and become mature, most of the issues vanish, however, sometimes disputes, rivalry and fights remain for life long.

Friends come and go, but your siblings will always be your siblings. You have the same roots, you came from the same parents. You came out of the same womb, thus, if you look around for the closest person in your life, it would always be your sibling. Your parents will leave you, your spouse came into your life much later. Thus, the only person who will be with you for a long time is your spouse. If you work rightly at this moment, your sibling will definitely become the best friend forever.

Here are some time tested ways to mend your relationship with your siblings.

How to Handle Problems With Siblings

It is perfectly ok to have issues with your siblings, however, what is not ok is these issues remain for lifelong and you never patch up the relationship. In case you have problems with your siblings, the following tips might help you to mend your broken relationship with your brother or sister.

Don’t fight over petty issues. If you want to have the same thing at the same time, give your sibling the first chance. Later, you can claim your rights because you had already given your sibling his/her chance.

Try to help your siblings in his/her chores. If you help your brother or sister, he/she will surely return you the favor. Helping each other will definitely sort out differences, or douse any possible disputes.

Don’t try to take advantage of your sibling in what so manner. If you know something intimidating about your sibling, don’t ridicule him/her. Don’t make him/her feel down because of your behavior.

Don’t be nosy. Give your sibling his/her moment of privacy. Don’t inquire about his/her business, until your sibling is not ready to share with you.

Don’t pass your hasty judgments over your sibling’s affair. If you think the guy/girl is not right for your sibling, wait for the right moment to express your thoughts. Don’t be harsh while passing your judgments.

If your sibling shares with you about his/her relationship and wants you to maintain secrecy, always do so. Try to be your sibling’s confidante. You do not get a second chance to be trusted.

If your sibling has a problem, listen to him/her. Try to give the best possible advice. Likewise, if you come across a problem, ask for advice.

How to Handle Teen Sibling Disputes

Generally speaking, most of the sibling disputes have roots in the childhood and teenage. When these disputes are not mended, they continue until adulthood, or may never end. If you are in the teens and you have disputes with your brother or sister, the following tips might help you.

If your sibling has been offended by your unintentional action, ask for an apology. If your sibling has been mean to you, forgive him/her. Self-pride is a good thing, but when it comes to sibling relationships, do not nurture your self-pride.

If you are fighting too much, try to handle the situation coolly after you both have cooled down. Don’t hesitate to say “I’m Sorry” and “ I love you.” These simple words can do miracles.

If your sibling talks or does something rude to you, ignore him/her instead of taking to your heart. When you continue to ignore your sibling’s mean behavior, one day you will find, he/she has stopped being difficult to you.

Don’t ever talk bad about your sibling with anyone, even parents. If you don’t agree with your siblings way, tell on his/her face. At first, your sibling could be furious, but later he/she will understand you.

You may be jealous of your sibling because of his/her performance at school, or parent’s preference. You may not good at what your sibling is best, but there are definitely other areas where you can perform better than your sibling.

If you think your sibling as a competitor, you maybe feel envious. Never think your sibling as your competitor. Try to find a common interest and enjoy it together.

How to Iron the Differences With Your Siblings

Your siblings are your own blood and bones. You both share the same genetic line. Your sibling can be your best friend, guide, mentor, adviser, guru. In fact, your siblings will always be with you during thick and thin. Therefore, it is very important to have a good relationship with your siblings. If you have issues with your siblings, these tips will help you to iron the differences.

Help your sibling

In times that are hard and challenging, be ready to help your siblings. If you are in difficult situations, get in touch with your siblings. Always work in tandem. Never criticize your siblings’ shortcomings.

Forgiveness and apology

It is easy to iron the differences if you forgive. It is also easy to handle the conflict of any kind of you are apologetic.

Movies About Sibling Bond

The sibling relationship is much cherished in various cultures and countries. In order to honor the sibling bond, April 10 is marked as National Siblings Day in the United States and Canada. In Hindu culture, there are festivals that honor the brother-sister relationship. These festivals are known as Rakhi and Bhai Duj.

If you have a good relationship with your siblings and want to enjoy some quality time with your siblings, you can try watching movies about the sibling bonds.

The Straight Story. This is a David Lynch movie released in 1999 about a 73 years old man who drives 240 miles in a lawnmower to meet his brother and mend dispute.

Rain Man featuring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman is a 1988 hit movie that tells a story of a selfish brother and how he mends his relationship with a mentally challenged brother.

Frozen, especially the first part, is also a movie to watch if you are looking for movies about sibling disputes and sibling bond.

Do you have problems with your siblings?

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  1. I think having problems with siblings is very normal, especially when there is 2-3 years gap. However, what is not normal is you having issues for a long time. Since you came from same source, you should be more closer to your brother and sister than anyone on the earth.

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