Exercise For People Suffering From Asthma

Generally speaking, people believe that if you suffer from asthma, you are not supposed to exercise or cannot do exercise safely.  That’s because when you are suffering from asthma you will have difficulty in breathing. Contrary to the popularly held belief, you can exercise even if you have asthma. Asthma does not actually stop you from getting into shape.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing, coughing, tightening in the chest, and shortness of breath. Asthma is a genetic disease. If your family has a history of asthma, you are very likely to suffer from asthma. Asthma also tends to occur in people who live in asthma prone conditions.

Prevention of Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a chronic lung disease with an allergic origin. The symptoms of asthma occur or become worse if you are exposed to the allergens or have viral infections in the respiration system. Exposure to pollen, dust, mites, cockroaches, or airway irritants can also worsen your conditions. If you are suffering from asthma, some simple activities can prevent asthma attacks.

  • If you smoke, quit immediately.
  • Make your home no-smoking zone.
  • Do not expose yourself if allergic conditions like dust, smoke, mites, molds, or pollen.
  • Live in a clean environment, avoid staying outdoors for long.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid getting common cold or flu. Get a flu shot if necessary.
  • Cover your mouth and nose during the winter months or dusty and smoky environment
  • Try to avoid everything that makes your condition worse.

Exercise for Asthma Patients

If you have asthma, you might be wondering whether it is safe to exercise or not. Generally speaking, when you have asthma you cannot work out heavily because asthma is a respiratory disease. However, ask any doctors, they will tell you that you must not give up on sports or exercise. Physical activities are a must to stay fit and healthy. You have to avoid activities that will create shortness of breath or tightening in the chest, running fast for example. You also have to avoid activities that provoke asthma attacks. If you have asthma, you have to be smart in choosing activities that ease your conditions. You also have to keep your inhaler close while doing exercise in order to prevent asthma attacks. Nonetheless, never use an inhaler more than three times while exercising.

If you choose a proper exercise routine, exercise can actually be very beneficial for asthma patients.  Simple exercise such as walking, biking, hiking can ease your conditions. In case you had asthma attacks the previous night, the best way to start your day is by doing a breathing exercise.

Exercise-Induced Asthma

For the people who experience Exercise-Induced Asthma (IEA), asthma attacks can be common after 5-10 minutes of exercise. The symptoms can become worse in cold and dry weather. If you have a history of IEA, you can do team-based sports, basketball, or ping pong for instance. Walking, cycling and biking can also be very beneficial. Avoid heavy workouts like bench press, instead, do simple exercise like pushup, chin up, or walk in a treadmill.

When you have asthma you need medication. However, medication alone cannot alleviate your conditions unless you make changes in your living conditions and lifestyle. Doctors can only suggest to you what you should do and what you shouldn’t.  It is you who have to act in preventing asthma attacks.

Sedentary life will worsen your conditions. Therefore, be proactive. Follow your medication regime and enjoy exercise just like anyone. Don’t put yourself in misery just because you have asthma.

7 thoughts on “Exercise For People Suffering From Asthma

  1. Thank You So Much For This article. My father has asthama and now I can tell him how much exercise he can do without damaging his body.

  2. Excellent information, now I can know and how to help people who suffer from asthma and with guidance can perform exercises.

  3. you can exercise even if you have asthma? How do i know if i didn’t read this article? It was such a helpful article especially for who suffers that disease. Thank you a lot for giving this information

  4. I always thought people with asthama should not exercise because they have breathing problem. Thanks for clarifying the issue.

  5. Excellent information, many people falsely believe that you can not do exercises when you suffer from asthma, thank you, I will share it

  6. You said it all. Yes, Asthma is a chronic lung disease, it is also hereditary. But it can’t still be prevented, when we avoid staying in a congested environment, smoking, and drinking hot drinks that can cause panic in the lungs. Asthmatic patient can still engage in exercises to keep the immune system fit to withstand the challenges of Asthmatic disease can pose to the health.

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