Foods to Enhance Your Beauty and Youth

Looking beautiful and remaining young is a natural and primitive desire of human beings. We cannot imagine anyone wanting to look ugly and old. Perhaps, after food, clothes, and shelter, the most important thing human beings wishes for is beauty and youth.

In order to fulfill that desire, human beings invented and techniques that help to look beautiful and remain youthful. However, we have now seen that these cosmetics and techniques only give you temporary beauty and youth.

So, how can you look beautiful and youthful? The answer is to start eating foods that make you beautiful and youthful. Here are some of the foods that help you with your beauty and youth.

Foods for Healthy Hair

Do you have any hair problems such as hair fall, brittle hair, damaged hair? You need potassium and Vitamin B1. Brown rice is a good source of potassium and Vitamin B1. This will help you with brittle hair and damaged hair.

To cut back premature graying of hair, apply black tea on your hair and wash with cold water after thirty or forty minutes.

Foods for Healthy Skin

Mushrooms are good in hyaluronic acid. It keeps the skin highly moisturized. It also lowers age-related wrinkles.

For healthy skin, boil water with neem leaves and have a bath with that water.

Coconut oil is an excellent item as a day moisturizer.

Acne is the result of a liver infested by toxins. Indian gooseberry helps in digestion and detoxifies the liver. You can have it on a regular basis for a clean, clear and shining skin.

If your skin is dry, apply avocado paste mixed with honey and wash it off after fifteen or twenty minutes.

Papaya: There is less sodium in Papaya. It results in very small amount of water retained. This is the reason it is able to maintain your skin hydrated.

After eating an apple, use the skin of the fruit on your face. It will help you get rid of the dirt and other impurities on your skin.

Have dark chocolate to guard your skin from harmful UV rays. It has flavanoids that have a positive effect on the body.

Include strawberries in your diet. They contain antioxidants and are also said to prevent wrinkles.

Nuts and Seeds for Your Health

Nuts are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. You need to eat as much almonds, cashews, and walnuts you can. Almonds help against inflammation. Walnuts are good for our health. It is a very good source of Vitamin B complex, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.Cashew nuts are rich in acids that are full of fat like oleic as well as palmitoleic. It is helpful in lowering bad LDL-cholesterol.

Do you ever suffer from low energy? If so, eat a few peanuts. Peanuts have loads of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that boost your energy.

Pine nuts have a good amount of vitamin E. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and makes the cell membranes healthy.

Flaxseeds help in preserving a strong digestive tract. Flaxseeds is also a great source of dietary fiber.

Pecan nuts contain magnesium. They are known to cut down high blood pressure levels.

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  1. That’s true, no one wants to look old, everyone wants to be young forever. But the secrete is eating good food, and taking supplements, cream that keeps our health, skin, and hair looking attractive all time.

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