Health Benefits OF Taking Water in the Morning

A healthy mind and body produce positivity, sound decisions and ideas, be it for business or otherwise. A major aspect of our life is our health; we can’t create wealth if we’re not healthy.

The benefits derived from drinking water as one wake in the morning are enormous. The World Health Organization has suggested that 8 glasses of water should be taken daily. 

However, the glass of water taken that performs the most function is the very glasses taken early in the morning before brushing.

So you need to start inculcating this habit into your daily routine for your own good, below are the huge benefits you can derive from taking water in the morning as enumerated by Dr. Hawkin Alan, a renounced medical Scientist from the University of Essex United kingdom.

The huge benefits include

Cleaning the system:

It is on record that this first glass of water purges the system of waste products and balances the immune system. With a strong immune system, you are safe from different diseases and this will help boost your system to prevent illnesses.

Renewed strength and alertness:

Taking a glass of water first thing in the morning will put your body in the work mood and gives it vigor and energy. So dump your coffee or tea and gulp down a glass or two of water.

Help to jump start your metabolism:

This glass of water helps to awaken the system and increase your metabolic rate. All parts of the body to be up and running because the digestive would have been enhanced. To get up and get a glass of water into your empty stomach now.

Lightens the body:

You can’t believe that drinking water first thing in the morning can reinforce healthy weight loss but it is the fact. As the water helps to cleanse the system, it leaves the body with paperweight as a lot of toxins are removed. You will feel less hungry and this will help you go through the day with ease, no hassle of moving around with heavyweight from overfeeding.

Gaining glowing skin and improves complexion

Taking a glass or two of water aids to remove toxins from the body and of course releasing toxins from the blood will only make skin healthy, radiant and glowing. Dehydration as been found to be the main culprit of deep pores on the skin, dark patches, wrinkles or other skin problems. So start the day staying hydrated to enable the flow of blood to all parts of your body especially on the skin to avoid early onset of aging and other skin problems.


The benefits you will derive daily for taking that first glass of water in the morning can.t be over-emphasized. This should be a top priority in your daily routine. You need to stay hydrated to be naturally healthy. So start the routine now, if you never did for sound health. You will be glad you did this.

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  1. Drinking a glass of water is the first thing I do in the morning for some years now. sometimes I add some drops of lemon and usually I warm the water a little. I can say that I feel that my body needs it every morning.

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