How to Work From Home in 2021: How to Build Passive Income in 2021

How to Work From Home in 2021: How to Build Passive Income in 2021

In 2020, Corona Viruses took a toll in every aspect of life from health, education, economy, food to entertainment, sports, etc. in a precedent that the world had never seen. Yes, the world had seen a similar pandemic and witnessed more people dying in the previous centuries, however, the magnitude of the pandemic was greater this time even though we were equipped with better technology and knowledge.

Internet is the still a silver lining in the dark clouds. When people were locked in their homes, they began to use the power of the internet to look for work opportunities, build passive income, or start internet-based businesses.

How to Work from Home: How to Find Work at Home Jobs

I might sound absurd when I say there is a positive side to this Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is true that everywhere from the United States to India and Pakistan, months of lockdown encouraged people to explore alternative ways to earn a living. Before the Corona Virus pandemic, people were already working from home, doing remote-jobs, however, Covid-19 encouraged more people to embrace work from home jobs.

Internet was basically developed for networking and communication; however, over the years it has become a primary source to find information, gain knowledge, work or do business. You can do a lot of things on the internet to make money, however, in In this article, we are focusing on 3 simple things ways to work from home.


What are Micro Jobs: How to Find Micro Tasks to Make Money

Micro jobs are the work from home opportunities where you do simple tasks that take 1-2 minutes and earn little money. Micro jobs include visiting a site, sharing content on social sites, blog/forum commenting, online surveys, watching videos, etc. While micro tasks may not earn you a lot of money, but they will definitely help you make some money to add to your income stream. Sometimes micro job sites are also called GPT sites or Get Paid To sites (because you get paid for small jobs)

Where do you find micro jobs?

There are a lot of micro job sites where you find work from home opportunities. Some of the popular micro job sites are,,,,,,,,, etc. These are just a few examples; you can find a lot more when you search online. The best thing about working on micro job sites is you do not require specialized skills.

What are Freelance Marketplaces: How to Make Money by Doing Freelance Jobs

Freelance marketplaces are the platforms where people having a high level or moderate skills can work and make money. If you do not have specialized skills, it is really difficult to make money from freelance marketplaces.

What kind of jobs can you find on freelance marketplaces?

The jobs available on freelance marketplaces are similar to the jobs you can find real world. Just like in the real job market, you need to have the required skills and experience to get the desired job from the freelance marketplaces. On freelance marketplaces, you can find jobs like writing, editing, website designing and developing, app development, video creation, video editing, Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing, graphic designing, voice-over, virtual assistant, etc.

Where can you find freelancing jobs? How to find work at home jobs

Freelance marketplaces are also called freelancing sites where there are a lot of job opportunities for freelancers working from home. Some of the popular freelance marketplaces, or freelancing sites, are,,,,,,, etc. Some of these freelancing sites are niche-specific whereas some freelancing sites are open for all kinds of skills. For example, iwriter is only for writers and 99designs is only for designers. However, on Fiverr and Upwork, you can find all sorts of jobs.


What is Passive Income and How to Build Passive Income in 2021?

Passive income, also called residual income, is an income that you can generate regularly without having to work regularly. In another word, passive income (residual income), is an income stream that earns you money every day even when you don’t work every day. Passive income is the income stream that earns you money in the present and the future from the work you completed in the past. For example, you wrote and published a book in 2019. You earned royalties in 2020, you are earning royalties in 2021, and you will continue to earn royalties in 2022 and beyond. Likewise, you built and published an app on Play Store and App Store in 2020, and you will be earning from your app in 2021 and beyond. Similarly, you invested money in interest-bearing saving accounts and you will earn interest in your savings for a long time. These are just a few examples; there are various ways to build passive income.

How to Build Passive Income in 2021?

There are various ways to build passive income and each of these passive income generation methods requires different skills. Some passive income methods even require multiple skills.

Top 3 Ways to Build Passive Income


Blogging is probably the most popular way to build passive income. If blogging works for you, you can make money from blogging for a long time without having to work regularly. In order to make money from blogging, you need writing skills. You need to be a good writer to make money as a blogger. You also require skills such as SEO, digital marketing, etc. to make money as a blogger.
How to make money as a blogger?
You can either launch your own self-hosted blog or work on third-party blogging platforms. For example, you can launch your own blog, publish blogs, run ads and then make money; or, you can join third-party blogging platforms like,,, etc. and make money by publishing on these platforms.


Vlogging is another popular method to build passive income. Vlogging means publishing video content, or video blogs. If you want to build passive income as a vlogger, you need video creation and video editing skills. Likewise, you also need SEO and digital marketing skills.
How to make money as a vlogger?
There are a lot of platforms where you can publish your video content and make money from your videos, however, youtube is undoubtedly the best platform. It might take time to build passive income, however, once you master the vlogging skills and you begin to gain tons of traffic to your videos, you will earn really well.

Writing books/ebooks

If you are good at writing and if you can write full-length books or ebooks, you can make really good money as a book writer, ebook writer. The best thing about writing books and ebooks is you will earn royalties not only in your life but also in your spouse’s life, and kids’ life. If you manage to sell your books for screen adaptation, your life will be changed completely by a single book.

How to build passive income as a writer?

J.K Rowling made fortune from Harry Potter books does not mean you can easily become another J.K Rowling. However, what's true is that as long as you have writing skills you can easily make money from your books. The best part is you do not have to hire an agent and negotiate with the traditional book publishers. You can use self-publishing platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Lulu, IngramSpark, etc. to publish ebooks and paperbacks and earn royalties on each sale.

Building Passive Income: Conclusion

There are a lot of ways to build passive income. However, this does not mean you can easily build passive income. First of all, you need skills and knowledge. Secondly, you need to work really hard. Blogging, vlogging, and book writing are some of the popular ways to build passive income. However, there are a lot more methods to build passive income. For example, if you can build an app, publish it on App/Play store, and make it very popular, you can build a reliable passive income stream. Lending money on peer-to-peer lending sites, saving money in interest-bearing saving accounts, investing in bonds and shares are other popular methods for building a passive income.

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