How to cheat death to live longer

One thing humans look forward to is living life to the fullest. We always want to live to the good ripe age before passing away. Though circumstances sometimes beyond our control cut short this beautiful dream of ours but then we still need to do things that will boost our chances than limiting it.

There are little things we can practice daily in our lives that will help prolong our lives. These are things that don’t cost money and there are pretty simple and straightforward to practice.Below are the different ways you can inculcate into your daily routine to live longer and avoid an early death.

10 practicable things to do to cheat death

Eat more of protein:

Protein is bodybuilding food, which is a building block of muscles. This nutrient is essential for healthy living. Stock up on them and have them during your mealtime

Remain hydrated all day:

Water is life, so take enough water daily to help cleanse out the toxin in the body, boost your body’s efficiency and give you healthy skin too.

Dump Alcoholic drinks

Consuming Alcoholic drinks especially in excess can lead to long term health issues like heart diseases, high blood pressure, certain cancer, etc. avoid dying because of the after-effects of consuming alcoholic drinks.

Exercise more:

This is a great activity that helps make our body be alive and alert. You can simply do the simple ones like running, brisk walking, jumping or even jogging at a spot. It will help the body.

Declutter your home

Apart from keeping your home clean, make sure it is well organized too. Have good ventilation and have free spaces to breathe in air properly. Throw out junks from your home and have a good inflow of air.

Have a gratitude heart

Stop bugging yourself with vain things of life and leaving being grateful daily for life and the little things that matter to you. The material things of today will be outdated soon, so why kill self trying to acquire them. Always be grateful it helps lower stress and boost your overall wellbeing

Enjoy your work and daily activities

Nothing promotes health and long life like doing daily activities that you enjoy. This will take the stress off you and boost your mood. Being in a good mood makes one glows

Do only good

Evil kills faster because of guilt and conscience. So only think and do good.

Eat more homemade food

You can’t be too sure about the food prepared in the café or restaurants. So ditch these foods that are loaded with salt and sugar and find time to prepare your meals yourself.

Be happy

Spread love, laugh about all things and help others. These are ways that will prolong your life


Researchers have found out that life can be prolonged by the little good things we do daily to help ourselves. So try out these simple different tips and share your thought about this in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “How to cheat death to live longer

  1. Very nice article! I am in a process to declutter my house and I need to increase my protein intake. I think I do all the other things mentioned. Thank you!

  2. really a very nice suggestion and tips you try to told the peoples i am wonder why not peoples follow these simple step to remain healthy and long lige

  3. very useful and knowledgeable article. Everyone should follow the suggestions to live healthy and fit. If you are healthy and fit, you are wealthier too.

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