How to Cleanse Your Liver: Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs to Cleanse Your Liver

The liver is an organ as well as a gland. It can grow back to the full size if a certain portion of the liver is removed after being damaged. The liver has a very important role to play in the storage of nutrients that the body requires for survival. It is also associated with boosting metabolism and immunity and improving digestion. The liver also secrets chemicals that other body organs need for smooth functioning.

Liver functions

The liver removes toxins from the blood by regulating the composition of the blood. It destroys old red blood cells and produces chemicals necessary for blood clotting Liver also processes nutrients absorbed by the intestines and converts into simple compounds that the body can use. Liver stores vitamins, iron, and simple sugar glucose. The liver breaks down insulin, hemoglobin and various hormones. Liver converts fats into fatty acids and produces ketones bodies. Ketones provide energy for the body.

Liver Cleansing

The liver is associated with various body functions; therefore, it is very important to keep it healthy. When the liver is not okay, it cannot process fats or remove toxins from the body. Your liver becomes unhealthy because of poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. When the liver is not healthy, it increases overload to the liver. This results in various diseases and complications like obesity, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease, allergies, headaches, etc.

Liver cleansing is very important for liver health. Liver cleansing means, improving liver functions.

How to Cleanse Your Liver

Following herbs and fruits help you detoxify your liver and improve liver functions.


Garlic has many health benefits such as controlling your cholesterol, solving your gastro-intestinal disorders, and cleansing your liver.  Garlic activates liver enzymes that help to flush out toxins from the body. The compounds allicin and selenium found in garlic helps in cleansing the liver and also protect the liver from the damages caused by toxins.

When the cholesterol and triglyceride levels increase, it also increases the workload on the liver. Garlic helps in controlling cholesterol and triglyceride levels and helps the liver function smoothly.

It is always better to eat garlic raw, instead of garlic-based supplements or processed garlic (minced or powder).  Chew 2-3 garlic every morning in an empty stomach and swallow with glass water.


Grapefruit is a good source of antioxidants. It contains a compound called glutathione which neutralizes free radicals and cleanses the liver. Glutathione helps in detoxification of heavy metals. Grapefruit also contains a compound called flavonoid naringenin which breaks down fat and helps you to lose weight. Vitamin C and pectin present in grapefruit cleanse liver naturally.

In order to cleanse your liver, include a glass of grapefruit juice or the whole fruits in your breakfast. Grapefruit might react with certain drugs, therefore, always consult a doctor before taking grapefruit if you are on medication.


Beetroots improve liver functions by cleansing your liver. Flavonoids and beta-carotene in beetroots remove or neutralize toxins in your liver. The high iron content in beetroots also helps in blood purification.

Drink beetroot juice or eat beetroot in order to cleanse and detoxify your liver. You can also include beetroot slices in your green salad.


The antioxidants present in lemon is called D-Limonene. This antioxidant activates liver enzymes and assists in the liver detoxification process. Lemon is rich with vitamin C, which helps in the production of digestive enzymes. Lemon aids the liver in mineral absorption.

Drink lemonade regularly. You can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar in your salad.

Green tea

As long as you drink green tea in moderation, green tea will give you numerous health benefits. Drinking a lot of green tea might have an adverse effect on your health though.  Drinking 1-2 cups of green tea every day will help your body to flush out toxins and fat deposits.  Catechins in green tea stimulate catabolism in the liver, which prevents fat deposits in the liver. You can also minimize the effect of the toxin of alcohol and protect your liver from alcohol damage by drinking green tea.

Green tea is also highly beneficial in the treatment and prevention of liver disease. Green tea also lowers the risk of cancer in the liver.


Glutathione is a compound that helps to cleanse the liver naturally by removing or neutralizing toxins. Avocado is rich with Glutathione, which also reduces liver damage.

Avocado also contains a high amount of monounsaturated fats that help in reducing bad cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins) and increasing good cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins).

Avocado is a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral fruit. The vitamins and minerals in avocados improve liver functions and boost liver health.

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  7. How to Cleanse Your Liver: Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs to Cleanse Your Liver

    This is more informative about how to maintain our Liver healthy, because Liver is very important organ in our body which regulates most of the metabolic activities.

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