How to Find the Best Electric Razor for Men

The beauty industry which was always being dominated by female products is now also being significantly contributed by male products. The male grooming products or male personal care products include a variety of products like shaving kit, hair clipper, bread trimmer, perfume, body spray, body wash, face wash, face scrub, moisturizers, body lotion, etc. Gillette, Nivea, Park Avenue, Philips, are some of the popular brands that produce male grooming products like cosmetics, grooming kits, etc.

Male Grooming Industry

The beauty industry, cosmetic industry, or the personal care industry, so to speak, consist of various products ranging from soaps, shampoo, creams, lotions, perfume, oils, shaving kits, hair grooming kits, etc. It is believed that the global beauty industry has a market value of 532 billion USD. In the US alone, the revenue generated by the cosmetic industry in 2019 is worth 49.2 billion USD. However, it is difficult to say how much male cosmetic products, or personal care products, contributes to this global beauty industry. According to one data, the global male grooming industry had a market value of 60.6 billion USD and it is expected to rise to 81.2 billion USD by 2024.

Based on their interest and requirements, men use a variety of grooming kits and personal care products. Do you know which is currently the highest-selling men grooming product? According to the Forbes list of high selling men products, electric razor, or electric beard trimmer, is most sought after item world wide.

Buying Male Grooming Kit

You buy a T-shirt, wear it for some time and just throw away when the design goes out of fashion or it becomes a little worn out after a few washes. However, this does not happen with an electric razor. You will be using it until it works properly and that is usually for a long period of time. Good electric shavers are expensive and you definitely don’t want to buy a low-priced unbranded electric razor that gives you nicks and cuts. It is always best to go through the electric razors guide before selecting an electric shaver that will help you make the right decision.

Here we will discuss few important points which are involved in selecting the electric shaver that is best suitable for you.

Ergonomically Designed Body Of Electric Shaver

The ergonomic design means the product is designed in a way that is easy to use and safe to use. When it comes to buying an electric shaver, the first thing you should consider is how easy the grooming kit is and how safe it is. The ergonomics and the design of an electric shaver allow you to hold the shaver with ease and comfort. A good grip increases the performance of your shaver and plays a vital role in providing a cleaner shave especially when you use your electric shaver in the shower. Good design and grip prevent your shaver from slipping off your hand.

Cutting Performance of an Electric shaver

Cutting performance depends on the quality of the blades that are used in the electric shaver. A low-priced unknown brand uses low-quality blades that wear out fast and the performance is also not good. Top brands of electric shavers use high-quality blades that not only perform great but also last longer. If you clean the blades of your electric razor on regular basis, the performance of your shaver will be better even in continuous use.

Cordless Feature

Electric shavers have made the shaving quick and hassle-free. The major reason why most people these days are switching from manual razor to electric razor is that they can easily carry the shaver anywhere. This way they are free to shave at any time without much preparation like soap or water. Latest electric razors come with a charging and cleaning unit that is capable of doing both the jobs of cleaning and charging the shaver saving lots of your time.

Wet And Dry Shave

Many latest shavers that are offered by top brands come with the feature that allows both wet and dry shave. With wet shaving, you can easily use your shaver in the shower and you may also use shaving gel or soap to get the job done. This feature is best for men who prefer wet shave.

Which Brand To Go For

You must want to stay away from those unknown brands of electric shavers that are available in the market at a cheap price. The quality and performance of these unbranded shavers are not good. The unbranded shavers consist of low-quality motors and blades which are not durable and the cutting quality is also not satisfactory. The top brands for best electric shavers that are available today are Braun, Philips, Panasonic, and Remington. These brands offer a wide range of electric razors that are available in all price range. All these top brands come with a one year warranty. Philips electric shavers are known to be the best rotary shavers. It is highly recommended to read a review of an electric shaver before deciding to buy one.

Buying Electric Shaver: Things to Remember

If you have already used an electric shaver, perhaps your experience has already taught you about the things you should remember while buying an electric shaver. However, if this is your first time, here are some more tips:

Read reviews: Read the reviews of the product and brand you are trying to buy. This will allow you to know every nuances of the kit you are buying

Ask for recommendation: You can ask for a recommendation and when real people give you advice, you can always trust their recommendations.

Choose a moderately priced item: Never go with the cheap priced item, and there is also absolutely not necessary to buy the most expensive item.

Choose a razor that can do multiple things: How good it will be when your razor can not only give you a clean shave but can also style your beard and mustache? Yes, that’s right, look for the product that can help you groom in various ways.

Buying Offline Vs. Buying Online: Depending on your time and interest, you can buy online or offline, however, make sure you do a lot of research before buying.

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