How to Grow Vegetables in Greenhouse for Maximum Benefit

A lot of people who have gardens grow vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses. This is so that the plants are protected from the elements and safe from dying if temperatures take drastic changes. People who don’t use greenhouses usually don’t know how they work and therefore don’t consider them as necessary choosing to grow their vegetables out in the open.

Greenhouses have been designed to let sunlight filter through the top and the walls. What happens when the sun shines upon a greenhouse is the solar ray energy gets converted into heat as they pass through the glass or plastic depending on what material the greenhouse is made of. Once the air heats up in the greenhouse a tropical-like atmosphere results and helps plants to grow. Plants just grow better if they are protected from the elements and get a plentiful water supply. Of course, happy growing plants in the greenhouse become green and lush quicker and tomatoes and other vegetables develop faster than they would if they were planted outside in the garden. Therefore, it is important to keep them well watered and to weed out any weeds that might spring up and chock the plants.

A greenhouse can be made of plastic or glass and it is meant to be able to trap and keep as much light and heat as possible in it. The plants and the soil inside absorb all the sunlight that filters in and then reflects it back out. When redirected solar energy changes. The shortwave infrared radiation from sunlight passes into the greenhouse and in turn, these waves turn into longer-wave infrared radiation which is then absorbed by all of the plants and can’t pass out of the greenhouse again.

As the day progresses and more sunlight filters in, more energy gets trapped and the heat in the greenhouse expands. As a result of which all of the plants, soil, and circulation become warm and moist. This process is known as convection and it simply means that the plants heat up, moisture is released, and this moisture produces the humidity that is found inside of the greenhouse. Humidity is a kind of water vapor which is known as greenhouse gas.

If you choose to construct a greenhouse you need to pick a place in your garden where there is optimal sunlight all through the year. Keep in mind that the temperatures in your greenhouse will be warmer all the time than the actual temperatures outside. If however you want to grow plants in the wintertime too and you live in a freezing climate zone you will need to add some artificial heat to your greenhouse. If temperatures outside warm-up then make sure that your greenhouse doesn’t get too hot. There are two ways to get plenty of ventilation one is to open up all the doors in the greenhouse and the other is to spray the floor with water. Greenhouses can be of any size structure. Therefore you must decide how much you plan on growing and if you’ll be using it all year long.

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  1. I have grown vegetables in a plastic house. Initial investment is very high, but you will have a better yield.

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