Lifestyle Brand: What is it Exactly?

Lifestyle Brand: What is it Exactly?

Lifestyle is not just a way of life of an individual or a community but also behavioral orientation, interest, attitude, perception or living style. Lifestyle brand includes the metrics used to define lifestyle for business purpose. In other words, lifestyle brand is a brand that tries to capture the values, aspirations, interests, attitudes, perception, or living style of an individual or community in order to market product or service.

What is the Primary Purpose of Lifestyle Brand?

The primary aim of a lifestyle brand is to drive sales for their products or services by inspiring, guiding, and motivating people. Lifestyle brand tries to feed the consumers with ideas like how they should live, what they should buy, what they should use etc. In short, a lifestyle brand provides the definition of “the way of life” for the consumers. With advertising and promotion, lifestyle brands attract people in order to get a share of the target market. The ultimate aim of lifestyle brands is to attract a large number of people and become a social phenomenon by using various marketing methods.

A lifestyle brand is not just a product or service that a company is trying to sell. It is an ideology created by a business organization. Lifestyle brand is an ideology in a sense that a company tries to connect with the consumers in emotional and psychological plane. By connecting with consumers emotionally and psychologically, lifestyle brand creates a desire or want for a certain product or service. The purpose of lifestyle brand is fulfilled once the consumers identify themselves with promoted products and services and associate with a particular lifestyle.

How Does Lifestyle Brand Attracts Consumers

Since people are divided by geography, demography, culture, tradition, ethnicity, education, income level, political affiliation, religion, experiences, etc., every person has a different identity. In fact, every individual has multiple identities. So, how does the lifestyle brand attract a large number of people who have different identities? The answer is not as complicated as the question sounds. Lifestyle brand does market segmentation based on psychographics. Psychograph is a study of people’s interest, perception, aptitude, attitudes, etc. for marketing purpose. Lifestyle brand rarely uses demographics. Demography is a statistic of human populations based on age, sex, income, etc.

Since lifestyle brand takes psychographics as the metrics to segment the market, they understand that everyone has an identity. Identity of an individual is based on his/her choices, experiences, and background (nationality, culture, subculture, social class ethnicity etc.) Therefore, lifestyle brand do not primarily focus on demography. They try to connect with people emotionally as they understand the interest, wants, wishes etc. of the people they are trying to attract. By connecting with the people emotionally, lifestyle brand install this idea on the head of people that they should identify themselves with this brand and their image will become stronger if they publically associate with the brand.

What Makes Consumers Identify Themselves with a Certain Brand

Companies sell products and services basically in two ways, one they create a product that consumers actually want to buy; two, they create a necessity of a product and sell it. In both methods, companies feed the consumers with an idea that they should have it in order to make their life better or make their image strong. Consumers have a lot of choices. A lot of companies offer the same product or services. So, how do people buy a certain product/service and associate themselves with the brand?

There are many factors that influence consumers to associate with a certain brand. People choose a brand that reflects the image that they are trying to embody. People buy products and services that reflect the lifestyle that they are trying to adopt. Consumers identify with the brand that matches with their self-image and identity. They choose a brand that they believe is congruent with their values, goals, and vision, and portrays their individual lifestyle. The brand then becomes self-expression.

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  1. Thank you Lifestyle for this very insightful article about product brands. Brands are not only about how famous or popular products are but how these products have brought impact or influence to the people especially in terms of creating positives innovations or changes to the lives of people in the world.

  2. A lifestyle brand is a brand that attempts to embody the values, aspirations, interests, attitudes, or opinions of a group or a culture for marketing purposes. Lifestyle brands seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of their products contributing to the definition of the consumer’s way of life. Thank you for this defination of lifestyle i’ve learned from this and i could apply it.

  3. I agree with your article and i like it. Usually consumers are known to choose a brand that is acceptable to their self-image that they are trying to portray.Thank you for sharing.

  4. excelente artículo sobre las marcas de productos. Las marcas no solo se refieren a qué tan famosos o populares son los productos, estos productos han tenido un impacto en las personas, especialmente en innovaciones positivas o cambios en las vidas de las personas en el mundo recomendado este articulo hay que conocer cada marca no solo dejarse llevar por la apariencias.

  5. I agree with your article. Usually consumers are known to choose a brand that is acceptable to their self-image that they are trying to portray.Good

  6. A lifestyle brand is very necessary and important in this trend of the time to show and buildup our personality. This post really helps me a lot to know about the lifestyle.

  7. Today’s time brand has become a status symbol. Customer want only brand not quality, they ask only things via brand name and be satisfied.

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  9. This is a very interesting post! It is definitely on the side of the consumer. You are correct that it should not only base on the demographics. Keep up the great work in satisfying consumers!

  10. This article was really helpful, it made me think about the images which people want to project to others through these brands. Thank you very much for the informaton!

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  13. concur with your article. Normally customers are known to pick a brand that is worthy to their mental self view that they are attempting to portray.we appreciate Lifestyle so need exceptional way of life product.i seen have numerous item who is unprecedented . I like it. Thank proprietor

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