Lose Your Weight Fast With These Weight Loss Drinks

Losing weight is a culmination of various activities such as exercise, low-calorie diet, and consuming foods and drinks that burn calories. You gain weight when you eat more calories than your body actually needs. The excess calories are converted to fat cells which in the long run increases your weight. In order to lose your weight, there should be a balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption. You can also lose weight by eating low-calorie foods and drinks or food and drinks that burn your excess fats and flush out from your body.

Weight Loss Drink Recipes

Here are some drink recipes that help you to burn your calories as well as detoxify your body:

Slimming and Detox Water

What you need

  • Two and a half liters of water
  • Half sliced grapefruit
  • Half sliced cucumber
  • Half sliced lemon
  • Two-three mint leaves

How to prepare

  • Pour water in a picture and add the remaining ingredients
  • Place the pitcher in a fridge for 2-3 hours

How to use

  • Drink the water throughout the day

Fat Burning Detoxification Water

What you need

  • One glass of water
  • One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • One tablespoon of lime juice
  • One tablespoon of cinnamon
  • Half teaspoon of sugar syrup
  • Half sliced apple

How to prepare

  • Blend water, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, cinnamon, and sugar syrup in a blender
  • Pour the mixture in a glass
  • Add sliced apple

How to use

  • Drink the mixture and then eat the apple slices

Belly Fat Burning Detox Drink

What you need

  • Roughly chopped 3 basil leaves
  • One strawberry sliced
  • Three-four slices of cucumber
  • A glass of water
  • Two-three ice cubes

How to prepare

  • Add all the ingredients in a large glass
  • Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes

How to use

  • Drink the water and eat strawberry, cucumber and basil leaves.

Lemon-Berry Fat Flush Drink

What you need

  • Half cup of blueberries
  • Half cup raspberries
  • One sliced lemon
  • A glass of water

How to prepare

  • Add the ingredients in a large glass
  • Cover the glass with a lid and place in the fridge for 12 hours

How to use

  • Sip the water throughout the day and finally eat the berries

Fat Burning Detox Tea

What you need

  • A glass of water
  • One teaspoon lime juice
  • One green tea bag
  • Three-four mint leaves finely chopped

How to prepare

  • Add lime juice, mint leaves and green tea bag in a glass of water.
  • Place the glass in the fridge for 30 minutes

How to use

  • Drink the cold tea

Orange-lemon Weight Loss Drink

What you need

  • One orange peeled and sliced
  • One lemon sliced
  • Three-four sliced cucumber
  • Two-three ginger slices
  • Half cup of mint leaves
  • A glass of water

How to prepare

  • Pour the ingredients in a large glass and add water
  • Let it steep for 45 minutes

How to use

  • Drink the water and eat the remaining ingredients. If you like cold, toss few ice cubes.

Tangerine-grapefruit Weight Loss Drink

What you need

  • Two liters of water
  • One sectioned tangerine
  • Half sliced grapefruit
  • Half cucumber, sliced
  • Four peppermint leaves

How to Prepare

  • Add all ingredients in a pitcher
  • Place the pitcher in a fridge overnight

How to use

  • Drink the water throughout the day, and then finally eat the fruits

How it works

  • Tangerine is rich in vitamin C, thus it helps in stabilizing blood sugar and increases sensitivity to insulin
  • Grapefruit burns fat and increases metabolism
  • Peppermint helps with digestion
  • Cucumber is a natural diuretic and helps to flush toxins through urine

Benefits of Weight Loss Drinks

One of the best ways to lose weight is by drinking weight loss drinks. Here are some of the benefits of weight loss drinks:

  • Helps you to lose weight fast
  • Are low in calories
  • Converts excess fats to energy
  • Flush out fat cells from the body
  • Helps to detoxify your body

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