Making more money with your hobbies now

Hobbies are activities we enjoy to do and passionate about doing them. Sometimes we find it difficult getting up to dress for work but with hobbies it something we unconsciously want to do daily; in fact, we look up to doing them at the appropriate time. Then why not, if we can also make money off it. It will help enable making money enjoyable as well. Check out these popular hobbies people just carry out for the fun of it and see how good money can be made off it.


This is one hobby we all love to engage in and we do it so well either in the comfort of our homes, in events, parties or outdoor. Do you know you can make good money as a dance instructor, performing choreography for events, writing dance articles, etc? Think about it.


You can’t tell me you don’t know about people being multi-millionaire just singing, you can make the same. Stop doing yours for the fun of it, kick start a money-making venture with your singing hobby. You can be a karaoke performer in events, sing at events and parties, offer singing classes, earn as a songwriter, composer, and producer. Stop wasting your money-spinning hobby.

Taking photos

A whole lot of people love doing this because it can be great fun snapping away not with all the social media platforms out there that give us the field to showcase our beautiful photos. You can also add money-making to the mix, you can teach photography; sell the photos on stock websites, start a photography blog, conduct photography workshops and tours and lots more.


Are you a chatterbox, you can talk about everything and anything then why don’t you start earning from it. It will be worthwhile that way. You can start by being a public speaker, have a YouTube channel you can talk about anything and monetize it, become an MC ( Master of ceremony), be a motivational speaker or become a comedian. Don’t just sit idle talking with friends all day, make money with it.


Life can be boring, just being at a place and as such a lot of people can’t resist traveling to various locations and spots for the fun of it, but do you know you can still make money as you journey along. First, you can become a travel blogger or vlogger. Own your travel blog and YouTube channel and monetize them. You can become a tour guide, be a travel writer, join the international traveling show, a traveling tutor or freelancer and a guest lecturer. Look into inculcating these into your travel adventures and get the profit of both worlds of making money and having fun.


There is so much to gain from your hobbies and the outstanding one is turning them to cash. You will enjoy engaging in them better and have the greatest fun while it’s last. So which of your hobbies, have you turned into a money-making activity for now? Share with us in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “Making more money with your hobbies now

  1. wow. helpful and informative. If you can make money with your hobbies, you can earn money while you enjoy your hobbies without any boring. I also suggest add hobbies such as Blogging, reading and writing.

  2. what a good articles in a suggestive ways.really we can earn from our hobbies now and some writing loving are earning big..

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