Common Types of Chemical Fertilizer and How to Use Them

Animals need food to survive. Just like animals, plants also need food to survive. Animals survive on other animals or plants. However, plants make their own food. Plants use nutrients from the soil, water, and sunlight to make their own food. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are three major nutrients for the plants, which is generally…Read More

Composting 101: Things You Should Not Add To Your Compost

Compost is made from waste materials that easily decompose. You can make compost from your garden waste, plants clipping for example. You can also make compost from your kitchen waste such as banana peel, vegetable pieces, etc. However, when you are trying to make compost for your garden, you must be aware that not all…Read More

Too Much or Too Little Discipline – What Parents are Doing Wrong When Parenting Teens?

Parents all over the world deal with identical parenting issues. Indian parents worry the same way as American parents do. There comes a time in their lives, when they are baffled as to how to cope with their teens and their tantrums. No matter how much parents try, children come back with the same retort…Read More