Quick Home Fixes That Make a Difference

If you are living in the upper hemisphere, autumn is in the full swing, and if you are living in the lower hemisphere, spring is in the full swing. Have you heard the phrase spring cleaning or autumn cleaning? Irrespective of where you live and what season is in your place, it is time to do some cleaning. Autumn and spring both seasons are associated with cleaning. Do you know why autumn and spring are associated with cleaning?

Spring and autumn (called fall in the US) both have a wonderful temperature, they are neither too hot, nor too cold. Spring is when winter ends and summer is yet to come. Autumn is when summer has ended and winter is yet to come. Interestingly, these seasons are also associated for rejuvenation. That’s because spring and autumn are thes season for growing plants, in fact these time are the most favorable for variety of plants.

At this time of the year, whether you are in the US or Australia, New Zealand or the UK, when you open the windown you feel the pleasant weather. You see flowers, birds, butterflies, and bees. Sun is nice and warm, air is cool. And you feel a little more energy and desire to do some spring/autumn cleaning and tackle some things on that to-do list.  Most of us have an ever-present list of things that need to be taken care of around the house, paint the bathroom, patch the ding in the boys’ room, de-clutter the desk, and go through the toys. Spring/autumn is a great time to power through and complete some of the things on that list. Cleaning does not only mean you are throwing unwanted things and arranging useful things in a proper manner, cleaning also mean you alter your rooms, replace furniture, paint your house, and do quick fixes. Sometimes quick home fixes are the ones that make the biggest difference and bring a big return on your investment.

Quick Home Fixes That Make a Difference

Cleaning and fixing your home refers to a lot of things such as you dust your carpet, paint your rooms, wash curtains, move furniture, etc. In order to do these things, sometimes you might even have to call for professional services. Sometimes you might even have to move walls, add wings to your house etc. and this also calls for professionals.

Just cleaning the carpets and curtains can give you a whole new look for your rooms. From the trim around doors and windows to the baseboards and crown molding, don’t forget to give these areas some attention. Giving a fresh coat of paint to your house will make your house very new. Whether you are thinking about building a garage or constructing an outhouse, autumn and spring are a great time for new construction.

If you are thinking about doing some fixes in your home and do not know where to get started, we will give you some ideas on where you can start.

Doorbell, Mailbox etc

The mailbox, the doorbell, doorknobs, and even faucets are some examples of the hardware around your home that make a big difference to the look and feel of the home.  Spending the time to polish or replace these elements can add a new appeal to your home.  In the scheme of things, the replacement costs for these pieces of hardware are fairly inexpensive.

Hardware and faucets

Speaking of hardware and faucets, the kitchen and bathrooms are the most important rooms in a home. Therefore, these areas need regular maintenance. Not just for a good look at your house but also for health and hygiene. Updated faucets, cabinets, and counters can make a big difference in the value of the home. Keeping these rooms clean and fresh will allow them to remain fully functional.


Flooring makes a big difference to the look and feels of a home. Replacing flooring can be quite an expense but old dingy flooring can really drag down the price of a home if you want to sell. Even when you do not have any intention of selling your house, old flooring can give your house a dilapidated look. If you keep up with cleaning the floors and have them deep cleaned regularly, they will have a much longer life.

Woodworking Improvement

From a cupboard to a table, sofa, and bed, a lot of things in your home are made up of wood. Even though these days you get chemical treated wooden furniture that does not easily peel off or attract termites, over time wooden furniture will look old. In most cases, just a fresh coat of paint can make your furniture look entirely new. Interestingly, sometimes moving furniture and clanging the location can also make your room look beautiful. If you want to get new furniture, a quick visit to a thrift store can also save a lot of money as you can get items for really cheap and just remolding these items will make them entirely new.

Landscaping of Home

Finally, consider the landscaping of your home.  A lovely home does not need to have ornate landscaping but what’s on the outside of a home speaks to what might be found on the inside.  If a lawn is unkempt it impacts the value of what’s inside the home as well.  Simple landscaping and a tidy yard create a nice impression of what may be on the inside and greatly impact the value of a home. Just like the front yard, the backyard also needs fixes. Sadly, a lot of people do not give much importance to the back yard. While you can grow flowers and ornamental plants in your front yard, you can grow vegetables in your backyard.


On their own, these quick home fixes might not seem like they would make much of a difference but when you work to raise your home’s value your little investments of time and money will make a good return.  You don’t have to search through house plans every time your home starts to feel stale, take the time to make these small fixes so that you can enjoy them, freshen up your home, and improve the value.

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