Reputable tips to avoid being scammed online

I wake up daily to read about one or two stories of people being scammed of their hard-earned money. Anyone that earns money in a legit way, knows how hurting and painful it is to lose these monies to thieves online out of ignorance. So the best bet is to get some tips on how to spot a scam instantly and move away from it before you get consumed in its inferno.

Below are some outstanding hints and tips you should arm yourself with to avoid losing your monies and in worse scenario losing your life-savings to fraudsters and scammers online.

Guard all your private account online

This is one way to keep winning online thieves. Avoid sharing your personal and private information or details online. Be cautious of sharing your bank details, your login details to all your accounts online and PIN codes for whatever accounts. Be very discreet,

Buy from only reputable sites

Scammers are never sleeping, they always think of ways to dupe their victims daily.  You should do the same. If your instinct gives you a negative vibe about a shopping website that is quite new, please listen to it and quit. Don’t leave your account or card details on untrusted sites; it might be your undoing,

Limit your business transactions to known individuals

Scammers and fraudsters always have ready-made business ideas to share with total strangers and some of these ideas look genuine, you have to dig deep and do all kinds of verification to authenticate their claims. SCAMWatch is clear on this; don’t send money anywhere or to someone in any country that you have never met. It is better to transact business that needs a good amount of money with a physical person offline.

Be wary of emails with mouth-watery offers

This is a good means used by scammers and fraudsters to lure people to scam them. I do receive these bogus emails a lot in my primary inbox though most go to my spam box, I never respond to any. Like a golden local proverb in my country which says” don’t go looking for what you didn’t lose”, please don’t go chasing shadows like giveaways, deals, discounts, promos and all other fancy names that you never applied for in the first place. Do like I do, totally ignored them.

Know where you are investing online

Another explosive way of fraudsters scamming people huge sums of people is through the investment game. They will always come with investment plans that are too good to resist, of course, their game plan is to get you interested and they can lure you more from there. So beware of sites and brands you are trying to invest in. Any investment that is too good to be true could be a trap.


The year has just begun and we are all back to grinding and trying to make an honest living. It will be sad to lose all that to scammers may be in the first quarter of the year. So always refer to these tips in almost all your dealings online to avoid being scammed. How do you stay away from being scammed online? Please share your tips in the comment section.

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  1. Really nice article. Its very helpful and informative article to avoid the scam. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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