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Texas Cities: Corsicana, San Antonio and Houston

Shining a spotlight on three (3) Texas cities where you might want to vacation or even relocate or retire to: Corsicana, San Antonio, and Houston.


Tourism is to The Bahamas as oil is to Corsicana. Many cities did not survive the Great Depression and World Wars I and II, but Corsicana did because the oil business sustained it. Whereas oil may be the foundation of the city’s economy, according to a Fox News report dated June 2017, it has become a popular place to film movies.

“One of the main reasons that Corsicana is so popular in the movie industry is its Chief of Police, Robert Johnson, who doubles as an actor and producer.”

Two of the 2017 films are: “Undying” (Horror, Romance, Thriller) and “Warning Shot” (Drama, Thriller). (Didn’t mention the 3rd film because I don’t like the name of it. Probably by the image supplied with the Fox News link you could guess the name.)

The documentary film released in 2018 was “Field of Valor: Air Activities of Texas“.

Never visited or even lived in Corsicana, but do know some very fine people who come from that city. That’s why I was happy to shine the spotlight on this Texas city.

Image credit: Nicolas Henderson, Corsicana City Jail Of 1908, Corsicana, Texas; Texas Historical Marker; now (as of 2014) a private residence in Corsicana, Texas, flickr.com

San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas is not a Texas city that I have lived in but I have had occasion to visit more than once. My memories of this city are two main tourist attractions: the Alamo and the River Walk.

The Alamo

Remember The Alamo? Not really. I was born in Florida and had to learn Florida history. It may have been briefly mentioned in my US history class, but I don’t recall being tested on it. However, when our family relocated to Texas, I learned about it and it was a significant event in American history. Had that battle not been fought it’s possible Texas might still be a part of Mexico. Who knows?

The River Walk

The River Walk ~ It’s a tourist attraction built to attract tourists and get them to spend their money. It is serving the purpose intended. Lots of shops and restaurants. It was fun but if I were a San Antonio resident, I’d only go there every once in a while if I were going out to dinner or if friends or family were visiting and I needed somewhere to take them to be entertained.

Would I ever live in San Antonio?

Uuummm … NO! Not my style. It’s a personal preference. That’s all.


Since neither my husband nor I were born in Texas we are what they call “Texas imports”. There is a common expression used by many like us that says “I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as soon as I could.”

Truthfully, our relocation to Texas has been one of the major decisions in our life that we have never regretted. Texas is a nice state to live in and many of its cities have a colorful history.

We got our first opportunity to relocate to a new city and start life anew because of a job transfer to Houston. My job. Not my husband’s job. We were only there for a year and my job transferred me again, to the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

It was the year 1987 and our experience was very positive.

If we had the chance would we go back and live there again?

Uuuuhh … NO!

The year we were there, it rained a lot but there were no hurricanes. Need I say more?

I thank God for the experience but I ain’t going back!

Image credit: wallpaper.wiki

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Have you ever traveled to or lived in any of these Texas Cities?

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