Try These 20 Herbs and Spices to Lose Weight Fast

Want to Lose Weight Without Restrictive Diet or Hard Exercise? Try These 20 Herbs and Spices to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight is a tricky thing. You may be hitting the gym a few times a week, but your weight just refuses to go away. What might be causing this? Well, first of all, it’s what and how much you eat. Yes, no surprise there. But you should also pay attention to smaller details like the herbs and spices you use with your food. People have been using the medicinal properties of different spices since ancient times, so why shouldn’t you? Some spices promote weight loss, while others speed up your metabolism that also helps you shed pounds. This means it’s time to examine your spice box and fill it up with a number of yummy things. Here are 11 herbs and spices that can help you lose weight.

Yes, our favourite winter-mood spice is not only yummy, but can also help you shed pounds! Popular in India, this spice is number one when it comes to speeding up your metabolism. It also reduces blood sugar level, making it a perfect spice for people with diabetes. Add cinnamon to your drinks or make special cinnamon water to drink in the morning before breakfast.

Ginseng is definitely not your first choice when it comes to spices, but it’s something Chinese medicine has known for ages. Ginseng helps regulate blood sugar level, improves digestion, mood, and reduces stress. Use ginseng extract and make it into a healthy tea you can drink before food.

There’s hardly anything that goes better with coffee than cardamom. This spice has a unique flavour and amazing fat-burning properties. Ayurveda has been using this spice for hundreds of years! Infuse your fave drinks with cardamom or create special cardamom tea with a hint of green tea leaves for added effect.

Cayenne Pepper
It boosts metabolism like all the things on this list combined together. Cayenne pepper creates more heat in your body, making it burn fat at an incredible speed. Be careful, though, because eating lots of spicy food can be bad for your digestion. Yet, spicing up your dishes from time to time is a great way to help your body shed pounds.

Garlic is a tricky fellow. Some of you might be used to eating it just like any regular food, but Chinese and Indian medicine treat it like a remedy that should be taken on special occasions only. Well, weight loss might very well be that special occasion! Garlic is known to supress hunger thanks to the compound called allicin.

Black pepper
Black pepper has similar qualities as cayenne pepper, but different taste. It’s not as hot, has a distinctive aroma that helps bring out the flavour of food, and is gentler with your digestive tract. It prevents fat cells from growing and is a great spice when you want to give your food a different taste.

If you ever come to India, you’ll be surprised to find out that almost every dish contains Jeera (or cumin). It improves digestion and gives your body a helpful energy boost to be more active throughout the day.

Where would we be without ginger? You can put it in literally anything from hot winter milk tea to an Asian fried vegetable dish. Ginger makes things hot and is one of those rare spices that can make your metabolism work 20% better. It also suppresses appetite and has anti-inflammatory properties that will improve your health in general.

Turmeric is in trend for a reason. It has so many cool properties ! Mostly used in India, this amazing spice is packed with curcumin that promotes weight loss and helps reduce fat. You can drink it with water and lime juice before breakfast or simply add to any of your dishes.

Fenugreek is a peculiar spice and you might not have used it before. It’s time to try something new! It’s widely known in Greece, western Asia, and southern Europe not only for its flavour, but also for its anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to fight obesity.

Rosemary is truly magical when it comes to weight loss. It has an enzyme called lipase that helps break down fat molecules. It also keeps your hunger at bay as you feel full for a longer period of time after you eat something prepared with rosemary or drink a yummy rosemary tea.

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  1. Really amazing post. These are the best ones to lose weight fast. with this, we have to do exercise daily. Your post will definitely helpful to me. Thank you.

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