What is the Purpose of Your Life?

One of the reasons why your life sucks is because you do not know what to do with your life? In other words, your life sucks because the path you should take and the choices you should make are unknown to you. You feel hopeless because you do not know the primary purpose of your life.

So, what exactly is the primary purpose of life?

Before we try to answer the primary purpose of life, let us put light on a few more interesting, and grave, questions.

Why are we here? Where are we going? What are we supposed to do here? What is the ultimate aim of our life?

These are some existential questions that have been asked since the time immemorial by saints and sages, philosophers and thinkers, kings and commoners.

The seers, the saints, and the wise men, and all those who have tried to bridge the gap between God and human beings, have always asked the humankind to abandon desire. Almost all religions in the world ask human beings to save their soul from desires. Seers and saints have always asked human beings to become a believer, to have faith in the almighty, to sing praises of the almighty and give all worldly desires.

Why are we given eyes, why are we given ears? They say eyes are to see the existence of God, to see the truth that only God is real and the rest is just an illusion.  Our ears are to hear the truth, to listen to wise thoughts. Eyes are to witness the beauty of God, ears are to hear God’s wisdom.

The Almighty created us, He gave us the body. Why did he give us a body in the first place? The saints, seers and wise men give a good reason. Our body is not meant to be enslaved in desire. Desire means greed, desire means attachments, desire is evil, it poisons our lives. The reason why we have a body is to praise the creator, to sing the songs of the creator, to worship the creator. The wise men have always reminded us to sings songs in the praise of our creator, to express our love, to cherish divine love, to connect with the creator, to celebrate the creation.

Not only our eyes, ears and the body should be used to praise the omnipotence of God, but even our hands are meant to do God’s work. God has given us hands to serve, to help, to do humanitarian work. “We have hands…To help needy people, to offer, to donate. Our hands are not the medium to collect material objects but to serve society and humankind in general.”

The primary purpose of our life is to follow the path of God.

That’s how we become happy, satisfied, and at peace.

You can see the beauty of the world and appreciate the goodness of life only when you are a believer. It does not matter whether you are Christians, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or Muslim. What actually counts is you are a believer and you are a good soul.

One thought on “What is the Purpose of Your Life?

  1. You’re right. That’s the kind of question that is been asked by kinds, commoners, saints, sages, philosophers, etc.

    Only our grand creator knows why we are here, and he created us to serve and worship him first before putting other things before him.

    Bit lots of people today neglect that, to pursue only money and forgetting the first purpose why they’re created.

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