Why You Need to Be Careful About Stroke

A stroke occurs when a part of your brain does not get enough oxygen or does not get any oxygen at all. Oxygen is carried into the brain through the bloodstream. When stroke occurs, brain cells begin to die immediately. Therefore, we can call stroke a disease of brain, nevertheless, the causes of stroke are blockage of arteries or leakage of the blood vessel, in other words, reasons, why anyone can get a stroke, are deeply rooted in heart health. Likewise, heart diseases are not only related to heart health; if your liver and pancreas are not functioning well, you are also prone to heart disease. People suffering from hypertension, high cholesterols, or diabetes, you are more likely to be affected by stroke compared to other people without these conditions.

For all of us health is wealth and if health is lost everything is lost. Without good health, you will not be able to do anything or achieve anything in this world. And to lead a healthy and contended life, awareness about different types of diseases, especially about stroke, is very important. Out of so many diseases with which human beings suffer every now and then, stroke is said to be the most devastating and debilitating one. So what is a stroke?

A stroke is an unexpected disabling attack or loss of consciousness and is caused by a disturbance in the flow of blood to the brain. The world over, among people aged up to 45 years, stroke is said to be a major cause of loss of life, limbs, and speech. What is the reason for this? Experts are of the view that increasing life expectancy at birth, rising urbanization and our changing lifestyles are the reasons for the occurrence of stroke.

Similarly, increasing stress levels due to hectic work schedules and paucity of time to achieve the targets set for various issues and works are all believed to increase the stroke cases among human beings. For that reason, it needs no emphasis to note that the management of stroke from its beginning to constant care with the main focus on people with first stroke or recurrent strokes is very much important and indispensable and must be attended to at all costs.

What is more, it is frightening to note that people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood fat (cholesterol) are said to be at greater risk of being affected by stroke. The most important of these risk factors are said to be high blood pressure. Therefore people with high blood pressure must be aware of it and take all preventive measures in time to adequately control their high blood pressure and keep it in check with proper medication.

Special attention should also be paid to on-set of symptoms of stroke and recent attacks of stroke if any. Likewise, things like seizures, trauma, surgery, bleeding, pregnancy and use of insulin and antihypertensive and history of modifiable risk factors like hypertension, diabetes, smoking, heart disease and migraine should all be given proper attention. To ward off the effects of dreaded stroke, people having the above diseases should always sit, stand or move about with caution and with proper supportive care.

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  1. Health is wealth indeed. If we don’t eat the food that is suitable to our health we may develop stroke at some point in pur life. Stroke is caused due to lack of flexibility of the body parts. If some parts aren’t functional normal, we should seek health attention, to direct us on what to do to remedying it. Neglecting it will cause us stroke.

    We need to engage in exercises to help curb the risk of contracting stroke in later part of our life.

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