Why You Need to Become Satisfied to reduce Stress and Anxiety

Learning How to Become Satisfied for Mental Health

Satisfaction can be as simple as drinking a glass of water when thirsty or as complicated as marrying the person of your choice. So, what is satisfaction exactly, how can a person be satisfied?

Satisfaction means the sense of gratification that one feels when a desire, need, want, wish, or expectation is rewarded. Satisfaction also refers to an act of fulfilling a desire, need, want wish, or expectation. Satisfaction can be related to contentment and gratification. However, it is temporal in nature because satisfaction is a longing, a craving.

Let us exemplify, you want something very badly, and you get it, you are satisfied. However, it lives for a very short period. Now, you want something else or want it more.

Satisfaction works in adults and children in a similar manner. A child wants a lollipop, you give it to her. The sense of satisfaction stays in her until she begins to desire a candy or more lollipops. You are satisfied when you get the desired job, but shortly you begin to relate your satisfaction with better pay, or a car. If your need for better pay or a car is fulfilled, you begin to think of a house.

There is nothing wrong in seeking better things in life, however, when you base your satisfactions on your limitless desires, satisfaction becomes an illusion.

Another person or thing can never provide you satisfaction. You can bestow satisfaction upon yourself from the things you do in your life. Satisfaction depends on how you move towards the pursuits that are meaningful, emotionally, and intellectually.

Can you answer this question truthfully: Are you dissatisfied with life or you are happy with what you have?

It is quite easy to say I am satisfied with what I have, even though you may be the kind of person complaining always. Many people do not admit that they are dissatisfied because they believe accepting dissatisfaction would make them a pessimist, and it is also true that people do not like to hang with a pessimist person who always talks about negative things.

How comfortable are you to admit your true feelings and emotions, or your true nature, so to speak? If you are a pessimist, a person who is complaining always, a person dissatisfied with life and living, can you admit this publicly? If you can’t accept this publicly, why do you grow this attitude?

The ultimate aim of human life is happiness; you seek nothing but pleasure, all you want in life is joy. If you are happy, you will always find people around you, however, when you are unhappy, or in sorrow, most of the time people will turn their backs.

Happiness is satisfaction. Unhappiness is dissatisfaction. Satisfaction gives you pleasure, dissatisfaction gives you pain.

The secret to happiness is acceptance. In order to become happy, you need to be satisfied with what you have. If you can accept any events or situations and try to reason that this is just a temporary thing, you will find happiness. For example, if you are in pain and you believe that pain will pass on and you will find pleasure, then you are happy. If you accept failures and believe that soon there will be a success, you will find happiness. You need to praise and celebrate life despite failures, and you will become happy.

You should always relate satisfaction with happiness and try to become satisfied with the things you have, with the things you get.

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