Being happy even in loneliness

Life sometimes can be so cold especially when we feel we are all alone in this world. Sometimes it feels everyone has deserted us and we are almost all alone. Sometimes too we don’t know how to be happy in our lonely state. This lonely state might bring with it mood swings, depression, anxiety and other myriads of philosophical and psychological issues.

The truth is that the remedy is in your hands; your happiness is in your hands and us. No need trying to seek happiness from people or other external things. Well, if you have been looking for ways to accomplish then go with my tips below. There are all tested and trusted tips.

7 bullet-proof tips of being happy even in loneliness

Talk with strangers:

You don’t need to only talk with your family and people you know, you can as well talk to strangers. Remember anywhere you go, you will mostly meet with total strangers so don’t just stay lonely when the next person is dying to be talked to. Start a conversation with that stranger and see how lively and happy you will be chatting away.

Be more active online:

Do you know there are a lot of lonely people online like you itching to have chat mates? So instead of surfing the net passively especially on social media involve more and have active participation. Answer some of your messages on your social media accounts and chat them up. You can do more by playing games, giving pieces of advice on a forum; have a video call with them and a lot more. The more interaction with others, the more you feel loved and connected.  

Try to be outgoing and be a giver too

There’s so much joy with giving than receiving. Stop looking to measure up with others especially in this technology –crazed world. Stop trying to live by other standards it will make you unhappy and sink you into despair, so instead of focusing on what you can get for yourself all the time, shift to what you can give.

Dump negative thoughts:

Stop with the endless thoughts of what you would have done differently to avoid being lonely. Sometimes we enmesh ourselves in thoughts like some people, events or experiences are responsible for our loneliness but most times this is untrue. So end the negative pattern of thoughts and embrace taking action. For example, if you are lonely gets up and get out there to have some fun. Action taken will make you feel good than endless thoughts.

Search out the cause of your loneliness

It might become difficult to improve our lonely state if we do not know the cause of our loneliness. So it better to pay attention and start looking out for the cause or causes. With this identification, we can reduce some level of loneliness if you reduce such engagement or activities that bring in loneliness. It is better to do more of what makes you happy and less lonely.

3 thoughts on “Being happy even in loneliness

  1. i agreed with you that happiness lies in our own hands even in loneliness or in gathering too.i know so many peoples how do not live happy life even when they are alone or in gathering …

  2. I think life is great, independently if you are lonely or not, appreciate your life,don’t worry about things like that

  3. I simply agree that even when in loneliness we can stay to be happy. That depends on our attitude

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