What is Feng Shui and How to do Feng Shui in Your Home

The written history of China is believed to be at least 4000 years old and the Chinese people have been speaking the Chinese language since 1250 BCE, which brings to the conclusion that Chinese civilization and the Chinese language are one of the oldest civilizations and languages on earth. Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes techniques like acupuncture and acupressure, is also one of the oldest surviving healing methods. The Chinese fighting techniques, popularly called Martial Arts, is also an ancient hand combat technique.

When someone has to give an opinion on China, a lot of people think only about Communism, however, China has to offer more than that. From paper money and printing press to Confuciousism, Taoism, and Feng Shui, China’s contribution to mankind is immense. Chinese philosophical ideas are not just didactic ideas to be discussed inside closed doors, they have practical implications. Take Feng Shui for instance. Feng Shui is a philosophical idea that suggests how you can sweep away negative energy by making some simple changes in your lifestyle and living space.

What is fenghui?

Fengshui, a Chinese Metaphysics, is usually described as a pseudoscience. It aims to create harmony between the human being and the surrounding. It follows yet another Chinese philosophy, Ying Yang, that sees duality in everything and describes how opposite forces are actually complementary.

What are the theories behind fengshui?

The main arguments in Feng shui are:

  1. Qi or Chi: Energy
  2. Natural Elements: Earth, water, fire, metal, space, air and wood
  3. Bagua: The chart that maps the energy centers

Feng Shui follows the idea that energy can be good or bad. Under the influence of bad energy, we suffer, and when good energy influence us, we enjoy life and we are happy.

How Does Feng Shui Help Us

Feng Shui discards the negative energy and invites positive energy. How does Feng Shui discard negative energy and invites positive energy? Feng Shui Masters suggest using things like a figurine of Laughing Buddha, Symbols of Yin Yang, Bonsai trees, water pots, etc. to invite good energy. The main idea behind this is when we invite good energy, bad energy will disappear. When bad energy is absent from your living space, it will also disappear from your life. Thus, you will become happy.

How to Do Fensghui in Your Home or Office

In order to attract good energy and discard bad energy, you will have to make changes in your home or office, in other words in the places where you spend most of your time. Doing Fengshui can be as simple as clearing the mess in your room, or as complicated as moving walls.

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  1. The Chinese Fengshui metaphysics doctrine have been around for long time, that’s unbelievable. Chinese have dated long enough, starting from 1250 BCE based on.what you stated here, its a long one indeed. I’m happy to have learned about this information.

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