Cardiovascular Activities (Cardio Exercise) For Beauty and Youth

In order to remain healthy and fit, you not only need to eat healthy foods but also live an active life, or let say you need a lot of physical activities and eat a balanced diet. Healthy food and physical activities are also very important for beauty and youth. You can incorporate different activities for physical activities, however, the physical activities that are more beneficial are cardiovascular activities.

What’s so special about cardiovascular activities? Well, cardiovascular activities are simple activities like swimming, running, brisk walking, cycling, skipping that increases your heartbeat rapidly and make you burn a lot of calories. These cardio exercises help various physiological systems like the nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory systems, and promotes heart health, brain health, as well as regulate hormonal balance. Cardio activities are necessary for your body, however, relying only on cardiovascular activities will not be enough to stay healthy and fit, you also need to follow a healthy food plan.

Cardiovascular activities are also a type of exercise, but with more emphasis on heartbeat rather than muscles. Cardiovascular activities are very helpful for anyone who wants to lose weight, improve heart’s health, begin a regular workout schedule, or simply stay fit and healthy. If you have circulatory or heart related problems, you should definitely try cardiovascular activities.

Cardiovascular Activities (Cardio Exercise)


Walking is one of the simplest and easiest cardiovascular activities. You don’t need a trainer or any kind of equipment for walking. Walking helps you to gain stamina and build strength on legs. You can do walking anywhere, any time, however, if you walk in the morning, it will help you increase metabolism.

Walk briskly every day, for at least 45 minutes, to make your heart healthy.

If you want to lose weight, walk at least 45 minutes every day (on the road or treadmill) at 50 – 60 percent of your maximum heart rate.


Just like walking, running, or let say jogging, is also a good whole-body exercise. Whether you want to cut weight, reduce high blood pressure, or lower blood sugar levels, running is the best form of exercise. Running helps your respiratory system, circulatory system, as well as the nervous system. The best way to get the benefit of running is to run about 5 kilometers every day early in the morning. However, if that is not possible, you can use a treadmill for 30 minutes.

Normally, you can burn 300 calories when you run for 30 minutes.


There are a lot of benefits to cycling. You burn a lot of calories, improve lung health, tone leg muscles, improve blood pressure. You can either cycle fast for many hours as high-intensity training, as well as cycle slowly for 30-40 minutes for low impact cardiovascular activity. If your primary aim is to lose a lot of weight, cycle for longer duration at high speed. The best part of cycling is you don’t have to allot specific time, instead of car or locomotive, you can cycle to the office, or supermarket.

Cycling is a fun cardiovascular activity. When you use a bicycle, you will not only stay fit and healthy but also save fossil fuel.


Swimming is one of the best exercises for your entire body not just your heart and the best part is you enjoy doing it. In fact, swimming is an exercise which also happens to be an interesting recreational activity. Since you use your entire body, including your mind, while swimming, you can burn a lot of calories. Swimming not only helps with your heart health but also nervous system, and endocrine functions. Swimming helps to curb stress and anxiety

Begin your swimming exercise by swimming continuously for 10 minutes, and then increase the duration to 30 minutes.

If your goal is to lose weight, swim at moderate pace for three hours in a week.

If you swim as a cardiovascular activity, make one-hour swim session your weekly activity.

Cardiovascular Activities and Weight Loss

If you want to lose 1 lb fat, you have to burn 3500 calories.

If your goal is to lose 1 lb fat in a week, you need to burn 500 calories every day.

You can reach your weight loss goal by combining healthy food plan and cardiovascular activities. For instance, if you are planning to burn 500 calories every day, you can cut 250 calories by eating low calorie food and burn remaining 250 calories by doing some cardiovascular activities.

If you want to stay fit and healthy, you have to do cardio exercise for 30 minutes, for at least three times a week.

When Should You Do Cardiovascular Activities

When you exercise at the right time, you achieve results faster. Exercising at the wrong time might also harm you. So, when should you do cardiovascular activities for maximum benefits? You should never exercise right after eating heavy. You must wait a couple of hours before you can exercise. The best time to exercise is in the morning before you have eaten your breakfast. In the morning, since you have not eaten anything for many yours, your carbohydrate and sugar levels in your body are low. Thus, you will benefit more when you do cardio activities in the morning.

If you play sports such as tennis, basketball, squash, football etc., they can be your recreational activities as well as cardiovascular activities and weight loss exercise. You can also occasionally go for rock climbing, hiking and trekking to stay fit and healthy.

Smoking is a grave problem in different countries and cultures. Smoking has an adverse effect on your body. Quit smoking today.

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  1. Cardio activities are good not only for your heart but also for overall health. Cardio activities improve circulatory system and nervous system. Cardio activities prevent heart disease.

  2. I think walking is the best from of exercise because you can burn a lot of calories without tiring your body. Walking is good to maintain your body weight as well prevent or minimise numerous diseases.

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