Does the Brand Name Really Matter When You Shop

“What’s in a name,” said the 16th century English poet and playwright William Shakespeare in his famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” he wrote.

Well, that’s not very true.

We love our names, we love the name of our school and college, we love the name of the football club we follow, and we love the name of the products we use. Those who drink Pepsi love the name Pepsi and those who drink Coke, love the name Coca Cola. The name plays a great role in our lifestyle, in the way we think and the way we behave. Our buying culture is also greatly influenced by the name. We like to shop from certain brands, Amazon or Walmart for instance; we like to buy certain brands, Nike or iPhone for instance.

Red Bull, Nike, and iPhone are great brands. They are not just products; they are a part of our life. We “Google” information, we “Photoshop” images. How do such simple word or words with no proper meaning become so powerful? Well, that’s because the name is the most important part of any product or brand. Even though xyz store is selling high-quality products for a cheaper price, we prefer to buy from Amazon. Even though there are a lot of energy drinks, we prefer drinking Red Bull.

Some brand names can be related to the products. For example, Amazon can be related to the vastness. Volkswagen is a German word that means “People’s Car.” Pepsi is named after the digestive enzyme “pepsin.” Vodafone is a combination of “Voice”, “Data,” and “Phone.” However, brands like “Apple,” “Lays,” “Starbucks”(named after a character in the novel Moby-Dick) have nothing to the products. Yet, these all are strong and powerful brands.

Since brand names are just simple words, or the words that do not even have a sensible meaning, we might be wondering does the brand name really matter.

This also brings up an interesting question. If brand names are just a simple word or not even a sensible word, why are they so powerful, why do that have a huge consumer base, a huge fan following?

When people remember you, do they remember your name (just a word) or the person (behavior, temperament, etc.) or the appearance (your dressing style, features)? People will relate your name with how you look, how you behave, how you interact with others, how you act or think. These attributes define the person’s name. Therefore, your name is not just a word, it is the person behind that name. Same goes true with the brand name. Google is not just a word, it stands for the lot of things in the world wide web. Brand attributes positive (sometimes  negative) meaning and is always more than the name. That’s the reason people choose a brand even though the names might sound nonsense. The brands relate to the entire lifestyle consumers are trying to incorporate, that’s the reason why brand names are important, why people choose a certain brand when they shop.

Successful brands are not created overnight. If you look back at the history of the successful brands, you will realize that they were never an overnight success. It took years to build their brand name. The brands become successful not because they have a great name, they are short, sweet, easy to remember, and have a great meaning. A brand becomes successful because of the “lifestyle” it promotes, the “marketing methods” it uses, and the “functionality” it incorporates. Consumers follow a certain brand because the brand has created a perception of quality, consistency, and trust for years.

19 thoughts on “Does the Brand Name Really Matter When You Shop

  1. It is hard to show your interest whether the brand name is important or not while we shop. There are few categories which are best at their own without a brand name and there are few with the brand name but your heart will not accept by his quality. Well, it’s up to the person how he selects. That matters. Merry with a rich fat lady or a poor slim cute. ?

  2. Truely, Brand is very important when it comes to shopping for any product. If we buy some random brand of products without knowing how good the quality is, it will be disappointing for us. We go for brand names because of its durability. it gives us that confidence to depend on such brands for a longer period. Good article. Very informative.

  3. The brand represents an image in the individual’s mind, which is formed by an interaction between the impact of the product on the user and the influence of marketing. A well-placed brand in the market provides a feeling of security to the customer, since this forms the idea that the product he is buying was approved by a quality standard.

  4. So, for all of you thinking of naming a new brand, remember that there is no silver bullet. In fact, there is no way to even predict if a name will do well or not. It’s a leap of faith that will have to be built over time to register in people’s hearts and minds. Avoid over-rationalising. Go with your gut. If the brand succeeds, no one will think twice about the name. thanks for this article this is very helpful for me keep post like this.

  5. I don’t think brand name matters alot to the customer. Sometimes the well known brand had collapesd. We can see the example of smasung which on new phone has many of the malfunction. So in my case new brands are also good but it totally depends upon the customer and their knowledge on slelecton of the product.

  6. We live in a consumer society where brands are important, but not always a brand product is a good product.

  7. Great branding makes a company more desirable to its target audience. .While a product or service is important, it is the brand that makes the company stand out from the other companies in its industry.

  8. yes brand name do really matter, to sell the product based on this product rates are also decided…. for new comers its getting difficult to market there brand… which is based on time, hard work and dedication.
    for right now some people follow branded product at an eyeshot….. for new comers it will take time

  9. It is hard to show your interest whether the brand name is important or not while we shop. There are few categories which are best at their own without a brand name and there are few with the brand name but your heart will not accept by his quality.

  10. Brand name is really important, to sell the product. Its decides product rate also…. for new comers its getting difficult to find best brand. Some people follow branded product. For new people takes time to find brand. So, this is useful for new people.

  11. The importance of brand name depends on our personality. But practically speaking the brand is not important when we talk about our basic need for items or clothing. However, it’s a must to consider it if it will drastically affect our life. For instance, most models and celebrities prefer high-quality apparel and branded clothing which definitely defines their style and personality. Just my thoughts.

  12. yes, the brand is important when we do shopping but it depends on money also, because some cheap brands are coming at the best price and good quality compared to popular brands.

  13. There are a lot of products with brand name but it’s bad product,in other hand there are many products without brand name but it ‘s better than others with brand name, I really don’t care if a product have a branded name . Thanks for this articles it’s important to know about this point.

  14. A brand name is a name given to a brand to identify and differentiate it from others. Communication is an important aspect of marketing and Brand Name, being an integral part of communication, is very important to carry out any marketing or branding strategy.

  15. Proper brand management is an essential tool for effective marketing. Proper branding promotes customers loyalty and good product quality. Its promotes quality packaging, easy identification and makes counterfeiting difficult, if not impossible. Product branding promotes the corporate image of the company. It makes both the product and the company unique.

  16. Very nice and helpful article… And really brand is an important role, especially in business. Because of 55% success in our business through branding and brand makes with the best quality services and we make us a professional role model in our competitors. Anyways Nice Post Keep It Up… Thanks

  17. I like this article because I see it very interesting, since the brand plays a fundamental role in the lifestyle of consumers, people are identified with a specific brand and feel comfortable using this brand if we talk about clothing or computer equipment for example. Therefore, the brand can be part of your life.

  18. Thats true . Brand are not created overnight. It really take lot of years and hard work of lot of individuals that help building up of a brand. I always look after the brand its reputation and quality when I shop.

  19. personally for me when it comes to skincare brands do matter, otherwise on clothes, shoes, bags i dont really care.

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