Health Benefits of Moringa Olifera (Drumstick Plant)

Traditional Indian Medicine is one of the oldest medicinal systems in the world. Some of the texts on traditional Indian medicine are believed to be at least 6 thousand years old. Traditional Indian medicine extensively uses herbs for the prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases. Ayurveda is one of the traditional healing methods in India. Ayurveda is a botanical-based treatment method. One of the highly appreciated plants in Ayurveda is called the drumstick plant (Moringa Oleifera). The common name for this plant is Shigru, in some places, it is also called Shital chini). various parts of this plant are used in Traditional Indian Medicine, for instance, the bark, leaves, and also the fruit.

In India, the drumstick plant is used as Ayurvedic medicine as well as a vegetable (fruit of drumstick plant, which is about a foot long and the size of a little finger). The drumstick plant is widely grown in India. The barks, leaves, pods, and seeds are used as medicines and the pods are eaten as vegetables.

The drumstick plant is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals. It has a lot of B vitamins (B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-7), C, D, E and K vitamin. It is rich with calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

Moringa is a nutrition-rich plant. Leaves, pods, and seeds contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C content in Moringa leaves is higher than vitamin C packed oranges and more A vitamin than in carrots. Therefore, Moringa leaves are better sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin A than oranges and carrots. Moringa pods and seeds are better sources of calcium compared to milk. Moringa pods and seeds also contain more protein than yogurt. Likewise, it has more potassium than bananas. It also has a high amount of iron.

Moringa Oleifera for Diabetes

Moringa Oleifera has been studied for diabetes and the findings suggest that the plant has substantial compounds that help in reducing blood sugar levels in diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes. It has also been found that the drumstick plant also protects eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart from the damages related to diabetes.

Moringa Oleifera for Hypercholesterolemia

In Ayurveda Moringa Oleifera is used to lower cholesterol levels. Clinical trials discovered that extracts of this plant can lower bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, and decrease triglycerides. Since the drumstick plant helps to maintain lipids, it can be highly beneficial in heart diseases.

Helps in Muscle building

Protein helps in muscle building and Moringa  Oleifera is high on protein content. A hundred grams of drumstick pods contain just about 10 grams of protein.

Helps to maintain healthy joints

The drumstick plant also has a high amount of calcium. It contains more calcium than milk, therefore, it can substantially help to improve bone health. Moringa Oleifera also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, thus, it can help greatly in arthritis and rheumatism. If you have joint pain problem due to high levels of uric acid, regular consumption of the drumstick plant can help.

Treats underdeveloped lungs

Oleic acid is another major compound found in Moringa Oleifera (the plant gets its name from oleic acid). Oleic acid, which is present in the leaves and seeds, are monounsaturated fat. Therefore, the drumstick plant is a good source of healthy fats. oleic acid is said to be highly beneficial in lung diseases.

Helps in digestion of food

Moringa Oleifera has a lot of vitamin A. Vitamin A not only is good for eyes, skin, and immunity but also for the digestive system.

Improves immunity

Another vitamin found in Moringa Oleifera is Vitamin C.  Vitamin C not only releases toxins from the body but also helps calcium, protein, and Vitamin D to be soluble in the body. Vitamin C improves your immunity by fighting agains diseases and free radicals.

Synthesizes RNA and DNA

The drumstick plant contains various B vitamins, or Vitamin B complex to be precise. The vitamin that we called vitamin B complex contains compounds like thiamin, niacin, folates, etc. These compounds build RNA and DNA, improves metabolism.

Treats anemia

Due to its high iron content, the drumstick plant is good for those who have anemia. The high iron content in the drumstick plant improves hemoglobin levels.

Curbs pain

Drumstick plant also has anti-inflammatory properties and is considered useful in treatment in the inflammatory conditions like muscular cramps, arthritis, gout, rheumatism, etc.

Repairs Damaged tissues

The drumstick plants have compounds that increase growth hormones in the body. Therefore, the drumstick plant is highly effective in repairing damaged tissue as well as building new cells.

Improves excretory process

The high fiber content in the plant helps in smooth digestion and improves excretory process

Sharper and healthy brain

Moringa is also good for brain health. Studies have found that the drumstick plant improves memory, concentration by strengthing the nervous system.

Moringa Oleifera and Cancer

There has been a lot of research on whether Moringa Oleifera is beneficial in cancer and the studies discovered that it has compounds that can treat Colorectal Cancer and breast cancer.

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  1. I like fruits of drumatick plant. I find the taste very pleasing. However, I did not know there were so many benefits

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