Colorful and Stress-Free World

With more and more pressure put on people in this world stress has become quite common. I think that the most stress occurs at the workplace and then when you come home if you are faced with household problems and complaining children it doesn’t make things any easier. Therefore it is good to know that you can help relieve the stress with different colors.

It has always been said that blue is a great color for bedrooms because it calms the mind, reduces tension, and can help you fall asleep better. The blue color to choose is one that is not too bright so a light blue tone would do well.  I’m sure you agree with me that when you see a clear, blue sky you feel a whole lot better than when you are looking up at cloudy, gray skies. To complete your blue bedroom motif you can add blue sheets and blankets on your bed. Perhaps on the walls some framed posters of soothing beach or ocean scenes.

A shade that comes from blue is violet and this color can bring inner balance and peace to a person’s soul. Just don’t choose a too dark hue because that can provide a too cold environment. Make it a soft violet in whichever room you want to be able to relax. You can also add some throw pillows and rugs in the same shade and make it a room where you can go to relax, read, or just listen to music.

Another color that can calm one’s mind and bring peace into a room is pink. Those who believe in Feng Shui consider that pink will soothe the energy in a room and keep it understated. Of course, most often it is considered a feminine color but if you choose a subtle tone of pink it can be used in any room. The best thing is that the room doesn’t have to be too pink you can tone down the shades and include accessories that will make it look very decorative.

Green has always been a color that symbolizes nature and is very soothing and therefore allows us to relax and stay calm and feel refreshed. The places where people feel the most relaxed are in parks and on their front porches surrounded by the beauty of nature. Green can let you bring in some of nature into your home. Consider adding green accessories like throw pillows and green lampshades. A green rug can make you feel like you’re walking on the green grass outside. Don’t forget to add some houseplants.

A color that is considered drab, boring and perhaps even depressing is gray.  However gray does provide a soothing and cooling presence. It’s a neutral color that works well with all kinds of furnishings. It can be used in many different rooms such as the living room, or the den. I have seen very lovely porches painted in grey and white. Gray can also be combined with green or blue trim.

So when you are considering repainting the rooms in your house first find out about the kinds of things that different colors can offer you before you make your final choices. You’ll have a home that when you walk through the door you can really leave the worries of the world behind.

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  1. Designing the environment, the building, and living room with fine and colourful looking things makes more sense. Green, blue colours helps to calm the tempo down, and relax the minds of the depressed victim to be stable.

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