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Health Tips: Fuel Your Body and Get Energized

More health tips? Yup! Many Americans everywhere are putting forth an extra effort to maintain their health and well-being and they are combing through lots of information looking for practical health tips. After all, there are countless reports which state that obesity is an epidemic in this country. There must be a way to remedy this.

Follow the Austin-ites

I currently reside in Austin, Texas USA and have to say that when it comes to making the quality of life choices and developing healthy living habits, Austin-ites are exemplary. Austin, Texas is a very health-and-fitness conscious city. You can tell by all the bikers, runners, and joggers you see on the streets. Several years back, I worked briefly as a temporary employee for the city’s Public Works Department, and at that time even the city’s mayor, Will Wynn, was making an earnest effort to encourage the city employees to adopt an exercise regimen and to eat healthy. He made public health and wellness one of the priorities for his administration. He served two terms. Yeah! They reelected him!

Would you like to follow the example set by the Austin-ites? Here are a few health tips for learning how to fuel your body and get energized.

5 Tips to Fuel Your Body

In an article published in the January 2015 Issue of Austin Fit Magazine. Tori Jarzabkowski, indicates that nutrition-wise, people are now focusing on five foods that fuel the body:

  1. matcha tea,
  2. bone broth,
  3. fermented foods,
  4. coconut sugar, and
  5. seaweed snacks.

Are these tips simple and easy? Yes!

Somehow, at least for me, when you think of food as fuel, eating becomes an incentive to get revved up! Also, because the local American grocers have become much more cognizant of the international peoples that reside in the USA, there is no need to shop at specialty stores. Every item listed above can be easily purchased at the store where I do most of the grocery shopping.

5 Tips to Get More Energy NOW!

Ms. Jarzabkowski ‘s advice should be combined with health tips provided by Lynnis Woods-Mullins, the CEO of Praiseworks, Inc. Ms. Woods-Mullins started her company when she was 51 years young. To celebrate her organization’s 5-year anniversary, she shared her advice on five healthy and holistic ways you can get more energy NOW! She recommended:

  1. water-hydration;
  2. exercise (just a brisk walk);
  3. superfoods;
  4. detox green smoothies; and
  5. aromatherapy.

Are these tips somewhat difficult? Eh! A little bit!

The most challenging item on the list above for me is Number 1. I drink coffee, tea, juice, and all other kinds of beverages. But plain old water? I forget! But I am definitely going to make an effort. My kids drink lots of water. So it can’t be that hard. LOL. 🙂

● What do think about these tips for maintaining your health and well-being? Simple and easy? Somewhat difficult? Really really hard?

● ● ●

Disclaimer: Information supplied in this article is not intended as a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice.


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6 thoughts on “Health Tips: Fuel Your Body and Get Energized

  1. This is a way to go with energizing the body. I’m on a weight loss journey so I don’t joke with eating good food and doing my daily workouts. We just need to take care of our bodies to be in top shape.

  2. Seaweed food is good. Low carbs and it provide a fair bit of energies. Not to mention that they are truly delicious. They are the best to go along with Matcha tea.

  3. Thanks a lot bringing this information here, about the kind of food to be consumed by an Athletes to keep him fueled, energize to perform well in physical activities.

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