Herbal Healthing: Going Back to Herbal Healing and Natural Cures

The only news that has dominated the world this year is the Corona Virus. The Covid-19 first looked like only China’s problem, therefore, Europe, America, and even Asia did not take it seriously. However, when the novel coronavirus became wildfire and began killing Europeans and Americans, only then the world began to take it seriously. Most of the countries are going through lockdown with no public life.

According to the World Health Organization data, until now more than one million people have already died due to corona virus. Well, a lot of people die from diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. and the daily average death due to these diseases is greater than corona virus deaths, however, what’s alarming about corona virus is that the world has not discovered any vaccine and medicines for corona virus yet. If you go by media reports, it is believed that every 100 years, a new pandemic has taken the world by surprise, and Corona Virus being the latest one.

While doctors and scientists are busy working on corona virus vaccines, we common people can concentrate on the lessons corona virus pandemic has taught us. The most important lesson corona virus has taught us is that we should go back to nature because nature has all the solutions to our problem.

As the novel corona virus began slowly and steadily nibbling the world population and doctors and scientists got busy in researching cures for corona virus, we also saw rises of self proclaimed health experts who began flouting different cures for corona virus. Some said drinking alcohol can kill corona virus, some said cocaine kills covid-19, some began suggesting yoga and various herbs, etc. This created a kind of confusion for general people.

While killing corona with alcohol and cocaine was completely false, ideas such as yoga and herbal remedies had some valid points. Scientists are yet to validate curing corona with yoga and herbs, therefore, we can still be doubtful about these remedies. However, what is true about yoga and herbal remedies is corona becomes severe in the people with poor immunity and yoga and herbs help to improve your immunity. But then there is also a question on which herb actually helps in improving immunity and strengthening lungs (because corona first attacks lungs).

For a long time, modern medicine rejected herbal medicine. However, in recent times, the scientific community has taken a lot of interest in herbal medicines. The scientists have even established that herbal medicines are as powerful as modern medicines. Studies have established that taking 2-3 garlic every day with a glass of water is as effective as taking 5 mg Atorvastatin tablet (a prescription drug for LDL cholesterol) and 5 mg Amlodipine tablet ( a prescription drug for hypertension). Likewise, a teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder is as effective as 500 mg Metformin tablets (prescription drug for diabetes).

Herbal medication is a holistic treatment method. It does not just treat the conditions that you have been diagnosed with, it also treats all other possible conditions that might arise in the future. For instance, when you have diabetes, it is very likely that you also have high LDL cholesterol and hypertension. Therefore, herbs recommended for diabetes also lowers your LDL cholesterol and maintains blood pressure levels.

While it is easy to believe modern medicine as they are backed with scientific studies, you can also simply believe the traditional herbal medicines as these are time tested. In fact, formulas for herbal medicine are hundreds of years old and have been trying for ages. Long before the scientific community believed that turmeric is natural antibiotic, people in India and China were already using turmeric for curing various diseases.

If you look online you will find a lot of suggestions on what you should eat to improve your immunity and strengthen your lungs. While each of these suggestions claim to be 100 percent working, we cannot be so sure because there are not enough clinical trials to prove these claims. Not just for corona virus, there is also a lack of proper herbal cures and remedies for various conditions.

The absence of reliable information on herbal cures, herbal remedies, or natural medicine to be precise, created a room for a new site Herbal Healthing. Herbal Healthing is a platform that aims to provide authentic news and information on Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Herbal Treatment, and Traditional Indian Medicine.

On Herbal Healthing you will find information on herbal cures and herbal remedies for various diseases. The articles published on this site are written by experts on the topics and are backed by scientific research and clinical trials. Herbal Healthing will teach you how to treat various conditions with herbs.

Little learning is dangerous is not merely a saying. When you do not have enough information, herbs might be very harmful. That’s why we are here.

4 thoughts on “Herbal Healthing: Going Back to Herbal Healing and Natural Cures

  1. I think we need an authentic blog that promotes herbal healing with scientific facts. Most of the herbal blog lacks authenticity. A lot of herbal websites say this herb is beneficial in this condition, however, these websites do not mention about clinical trials and other proven facts. I like the motto of this site.

  2. Congrats for launching this blog. I am a follower of Indian Herbal Medicine like ayurveda and yoga. I hope to follow this blog for useful and informative articles.

  3. Covid-19 has taught us one important thing, that we should go back to nature, that we should try to treat diseases naturally, that we should eat natural.

  4. Only natural cures and nature based treatement can save us. We have to give up everything artificial.

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