How Learning Can Help You Gain Financial Success

The Study Principle has guided me to be a successful student during my college days. This has prompted me to write this down. I have discussed and explained this to my students in Saturday Institute class.

I am hoping this would be of help to those who are about to pursue higher learning. And also to those who are already in college. They may take their time to read this.

STUDY Principle


The student is enrolled in college to gain knowledge, to gain skills, and to prepare for his future. In short, he is to seek something for his future. And how he could do it? He may as what the Bible says, “Seek ye and ye shall find.” He has the determination to do it. Studying is not taken for granted. It is not to find friends, to enjoy their company. It is not for nothing for he is spending his parent’s hard-earned money. Likewise, everyone is there to search for happiness and studying is a gateway to it.


I am still using some verses in the Bible that say in everything there is a season. To apply it, there is a time to play, a time to sleep, a time to work. As a student, time is necessary. It is as precious as a gem. This is how much time to spend studying. It is a must to prepare a schedule to organize the time to study. Once it is completed, it should be followed but it should have an allowance for flexibility. It couldn’t be avoided that hindrances in any form may occur anytime.


What I mean here of unwrap is for the student to get rid of all obstacles or barriers that prevent him from studying. He is in the higher learning not to find someone to love, not to engage with someone for it will only disrupt his studies. He should be selective in finding his friends. As mentioned earlier, he should take time out to separate the “goat from the sheep”. He should be wise to join any organization in the college. In so doing, he is ready to hurdle the difficulties and hardships of college life.


A successful student displays self-discipline. He is meek, willing to be taught, and ready to move for action. Yet, along the way, there are unseen trials and challenges that are lurking somewhere. If he is lax and easygoing, he will be trapped and will suffer the consequences. His preparation could save him from such pitfall. He should develop a habit of being diligent in all his dealings especially his studies. That diligence he has already established would become a character that couldn’t be taken from him anymore. Spiritually, diligence would lead to obedience and obedience to God’s blessings.


If you are a student, it is time that you apply the things mentioned here. You have defined your ambition in life that you need an education, that you need the skill to be used to have a gainful way of living. That is if you are receptive to the promptings of the Spirit which has served as your comforter and a guide on what to do. Follow it. Yield to its inspiration and guidance and you will be blessed.

You should be in tune with it by being prayerful. It won’t take a minute to kneel down to pray. The prayer of faith is always answered by the Lord.

STUDY principle when applied effectively would be a gateway to the success and happiness of every student.

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