Multiple Ways to Use Wooden Pallet in Your Home and Garden

Wooden pallets can be seen anywhere and can be purchased at a cheaper price and sometimes you can get it for free. These pallets are strong but lightweight and can be used in many farm projects. The two most common wood types used for making wood pallets in the US are southern yellow pine and oak. These pallets are made to facilitate the use of forklifts. Did you know that these pallets can carry loads of up to 1000 kg?  That is why this is the favorite of DIYers.

In this article, we want to share with you different projects that can be done using wooden pallets. But you must be careful because those unmarked wooden pallets may be treated with chemicals but those with HT marked means it has been heat-treated or kiln-dried and it is much safer to use for your plants if you will use it for your plants.

SAFETY CAUTION: Before you start working on these wooden pallets, make sure to use safety equipment/tools. It is very important that you wear gloves while working on the wood pallets’ crafts. Also, wear safety glasses and a mask. Gloves will help you avoid scratches and injuries from nails, etc. glasses and masks will help you keep yourself away from sawdust. Also, be careful with termites because there are some wooden pallets infested with termites. Before purchasing or taking the free pallets, check them thoroughly so you will not bring termites to your home.

Here are the possible farm projects I have seen which everybody can do, even women can do this easily. Most of these projects were taken from, please visit their website and you can see more beautiful wooden project ideas.

Wooden Pallet Planters

One of the projects that we can do using a wooden pallet is a planter box. As gardeners we want our gardens to look beautiful with a touch of art. You just need to use your imagination to redesign some of these or you can just copy the designs that you can find on various websites.

Wooden Pallet Bed

This is easy to do. For some projects, you don’t need to disassemble the pallets, just connect and paint them and you will have your wooden pallet bed. But you must clean and sand it thoroughly to avoid splinters and remove protruding nails.

 Wooden Pallet Signs

To add more beauty to your garden, you can use wooden pallets and create signs. You can write quotes, warnings, and even your name or the name of your garden. You can also use a wooden pallet as a plant marker or direction.

Wooden Pallet Wall Décor

These pieces of wood can also be used as wall décor to make your home beautiful with an artistic touch and a country-setting look.

To create this wall décor, here are the steps are taken from

Disassembly the wooden pallet and take all the good parts.

Combine all the materials using wood glue and wood at the back.

Apply primary paint to the wood pallet

Paint it!

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