How to Balance Between Acid and Alkaline Foods in the pH Miracle Diet

The pH is a concept that categorizes any substances into three categories, acidic, neutral, and alkalizing. This concept was propounded by a Danish chemist Soren Peder in 1909. The concept of pH in our food was introduced by American naturopath Robert Young. According to Dr. Young, foods we eat have two properties,  acidic and alkalizing; acidic foods are bad for our body whereas alkalizing foods are good for our body. According to the pH Miracle diet, a dietary program introduced by Dr. Young, we get various diseases because of acidic foods and when you consume more alkalizing food, we will be able to create a pH balance in the body, which make sus healthy.

You might have heard of acid, alkaline and pH, or may even know what these are, however, you may not know how acid, alkaline and pH are related to nutrition and human health. In this article, we will give you an overview of acidic and alkalizing foods and how to avoid sickness and disease by creating a pH balance in the body by eating more alkalizing foods.

Acid and Alkaline Properties in Foods

Acid and alkaline are water-soluble compounds, however, these are chemical opposites. In the pH scale, the value of acid is less than, the value of alkaline is more than 7, where 7 is a neutral value. In a litmus test, the litmus paper changes into reading when it comes in contact with acid and litmus changes into blue when it comes in contact with alkaline compounds.

The foods we eat have either acidic properties or alkalizing properties. The foods that taste sour are acidic, for instance, lime. The foods that have an astringent or bitter taste, for instance, bitter melon are alkalizing. When an acid reacts with alkaline, it forms a salt. In a lab, the interaction between acid and alkaline might look simple. However, it is a very complex reaction when acid meets alkaline inside our body.

Generally speaking, most of the foods we eat have acidic properties. The foods having sweet, sour, hot, salty taste have acidic properties. Since we more acidic food, the ph level of our body is low. When our body has a higher level of acidic conditions, we experience fatigue and debility. Acidic conditions tire our body and we feel too weak to do physical activities. When you eat acidic food, free radical oxidation occurs in your body, which quickens your aging process.

The higher acidic conditions in the body also result in vitamins and minerals not being absorbed easily. Acidic foods also kill useful microbes in our body. When the useful microbes die, the digestive system will be in problem. The intestine will be unable to absorb nutrients when good microbes die. Too much acidic conditions will build up toxins in the cells. Most of the bodily systems cannot run in full functions when our body has lower value in the pH scale.

Contrarily, alkaline foods have numerous benefits. Alkalizing foods boost your stamina and improve your working strength. Alkali foods have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are very important for the body to function properly. Alkalizing foods improves cellular functions and builds strength to tissues and organs. Alkalizing foods create a friendly atmosphere for good microbes and bad atmosphere for bad microbes, therefore, when you eat more alkalizing foods, probiotic will increase and parasites will decrease. Alkaline foods not only balance the pH of your body but also improves your metabolism, boost your energy levels, promote good sleep, slows the aging process, and helps in cold, headaches, and flu.

Acidic Foods Vs and Alkaline Foods

Your stomach is acidic, it measures little above 1 and lower than 2 in the pH scale. All foods have acidic quality as well as alkaline qualities. Acidic food and alkaline food both interact inside the stomach in their own ways. While acidic foods create acidic conditions in the body, and alkaline foods neutralize acidic conditions and make your body more alkaline.

The bodily fluids have different pH levels, blood has just above 7 whereas stomach has about 1.3, and saliva is 7.3 – 7.4. Nevertheless, most of the people are acidic in nature, their bodily fluids measure lower in pH scale. When you test less than 7 in the pH scale (lower the measurement higher is acidic level), acid prevents oxygen from reaching the cells. In the absence of oxygen, cells cannot function properly. Acidic conditions in the body have also been linked with cancer. When cancerous tissues were tested, they showed positive to acids and the healthy tissues showed positive to alkaline. Studies have shown that cancerous cells become dormant once the pH level of the body is above 7.4, and when the pH level is 8.5 and above, cancerous cells die. By balancing the acids in the body through Alkalizing foods, you will be immune to various diseases, including various types of cancer.

According to pH miracle diet, you should eat less acidic food. pH Miracle diet includes foods with alkaline properties. When you eat more alkalizing foods, your body pH level will be balanced and you will be fit and healthy.

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