How to Grow Basil Indoors

Gardening is a popular hobby that many people choose to take up at some point during their life, particularly elderly people or people who are at home a lot because it is relaxing and also makes your garden or home look much nicer. People who don’t have their own gardens often prefer to do their gardening inside. Growing basil indoors is a great idea because it is a simple plant to grow and it looks nice and has a very pleasant scent. Basil grows for many years if you take care of this herb properly

Growing basil indoors

  • You need to get good quality potting soil and 4-inch pots for planting, with good drainage.
  • Plant 3-4 seeds 2-3 inches deep in the potting soil and water them with a spray bottle of water in order to keep the seeds from washing away.
  • Next, you have to cover the pots with plastic wrap and to keep the wrap in place secure it with a rubber band. What this does is that it helps to keep heat and moisture inside and this makes germination easier. Put the pots in a place where they are sure to get indirect sunlight.
  • Make sure that you water the posts two or three times during the week always using a spray bottle and when the plants break through the soil remove the plastic wrap.
  • When your basil plants have at least two sets of leaves you have to thin out the seedlings. Pinch the weakest seedling and pull it gently out of the soil so that you don’t disturb the other plants. If you continue to do this once a week only the strongest plants will remain in the pot.
  • Keep watering your basil plants with a spray bottle once or twice during the week to keep the soil moist. If your home has very dry air you may need to do it more often. Never let the soil dry out. Make sure you pinch off the tops of the plants as you use them and they’ll produce more. To make the leaves more favorable you have to remove any flowers as they start to bloom.
  • It is important to feed your basil with a balanced liquid vegetable fertilizer around three to four times a year. Just follow the instructions on the package.

You will enjoy your basil plant as you flavor your food with it and your room will have a pleasant and wonderful aroma. Giving your plants the proper care will ensure their long growth. You can grow basil in your kitchen, in your lobby, or even drawing-room by growing them in pots, cans, bottles, grocery bags etc.

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