How You Can Add Greenery to Your Home & Garden By Growing Ferns

Whether you do indoor gardening or outdoor gardening, ferns are a very unique option for your garden. Ferns are an interesting plant and they stand out and look great everywhere in your home or office. You can plant ferns in pots and keep in your office cabin, lobby or in your living room. Ferns are great to add greenery in your home and office.

Ferns also get a lot of attention and mentions in folklores in various cultures and countries. According to Slavic legend fern will bloom once in a year and the sight of fern blooming will make you happy and rich. Ferns not only looks great in the garden, but it also goes well with the flowers you give to your loved ones. For instance, you can add ferns to the bouquet. Adding ferns to your flowers makes your bouquet colorful.

Different Species of Fern

If you have not added ferns to your garden already and want to have ferns inside your house or outdoor garden, you will have different options for this plant. Ferns come in various features belonging to a wide variety of species. It is interesting to note that there are more than 1200 different varieties of ferns. That’s the reason why you can find ferns everywhere, in different climates and altitudes. You will find that some of them are extremely large and others are very small. Some of them you will find actually look like small trees and can be mistaken for those. Probably, ferns are also one of the oldest plants on earth. It is believed that ferns are growing on earth for more than 260 million years. Paleontologists have discovered fossilized ferns that date over 260 million years.

Uses for the Fern Flower

Some people have a little fern plant that sits on their windowsill and other people have a huge yard that is full of them. There are all kinds of choices for the way that you can use a fern. They can be fillers in a bouquet and they can be used in arrangements, they are a cheap option to use for this. These plants are going to add a lot to your arrangement and they are going to help you get a great filler, or they are going to fill up your yard and make it look green. There are many ways you can use the fern.

Growing the Fern Flower

You will see that a fern has a unique life cycle. They are very different from most of the plants that you are going to find out there. The most interesting thing about these plants is they do not have well-developed leaves. The entire reproduction process in ferns is also very different. They do not have flowers, thus they do not have seeds. In absence of seeds, ferns reproduce through the process of photosynthesis. Yes, the same process that lets plants make starch. This starts with a spore that will grow through the process of mitosis; the spore is morphed into a gametophyte. Once this happens, the gametophytes are actually able to fertilize the sperm and to start moving to start the reproduction process. The reproduction cycle in ferns is very different from other plants. This also makes ferns very interesting plants

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