Top ways you and your family can benefit from any lockdown

The world over is experiencing a lockdown from the dangerous virus COVID 19, but before this virus, other viruses had raised their ugly heads too. Most times the remedy has always been people staying safe by staying indoors or keeping away from an infected person. Well, times like these can be very boring with little to be done. But this boils down to people not thinking enough or not just being creative to do fun things that will be valuable and beneficial to their family. Well, times like this calls for creativity and adding value to family life. As a family, there are valuable things to be done and below are the tops things one can do with the family that will be to the fun and beneficial of the family.

Learning how to cook:

This is one fun thing that can be done and at the same time will be beneficial to the family, the children will learn how to cook different delicacies and I’m sure they will be looking forward to knowing about each recipe daily.

Doing house chores:

The children probably had not gotten the time in the past to learn how to do various house chores, it will be a time to teach the kids how to do house chores and supervise it all the way. It will be family time when everybody is busy with the house chore.

Do some baking:

I’m sure the entire family will be excited about this; there are a lot of goods to baked so a recipe can be used per day. This is one thing the whole family will love to engage in. so the family will be having fun and acquiring knowledge too.

Rearrange the home:

This is another enjoyable activity the family will enjoy doing; with this the kids will learn how to Declutter things, rearrange the home and possibly clean and beautify it. So even in a lockdown, the home will look better while the kids would have learned how to keep a home clean and neat.

Become better singers:

 Most professional singers started just this way like a joke or what can be used to kill boredom but look at them now making 6 figures from just working on their passion. The same is applicable here. It would be fun engaging the family in song rehearsals, an album can be waxed in the process.


 I enjoy this a lot with  my family and it has been beneficial to us all physically, emotionally health-wise etc. Exercises can lighten the mood of the family and even help in the reduction or elimination of diseases. So enjoyable exercises can be practices by the entire family


During a stay at home rule, the family shouldn’t just be a boring zone but it should be for the good of the family. Making the family fulfilled, valuable and healthy shouldn’t be earned expensively. There are simple things we can do that will be highly beneficial and fun for the family.

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  1. Reaally good post. It was very helpul, i have een doing a lot of funny things with my family and learning now.

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