eat healthy and meditate in the new year

Will Your New Year Be Happy and Healthy?

A new year is about to begin.  Will it be happy and healthy? Come on!  You know what you’re going to do.  Make a New Year Resolution.  You may make more than one.  But if you’re like me, one of your resolutions will probably be to develop a healthier lifestyle.  Am I right? Furthermore, you are going to resolve that this is a matter where you can find ways to help yourself achieve this goal.

Healthy Eating is One Way to Develop a Healthier Lifestyle in the New Year

I do this every year and want to encourage and support others to engage in healthy habits and pursue their health goals. (I also appreciate it when others give me a push in that direction too! So feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.) The fact is that a lot of our health problems are directly linked to what we eat and how much we eat. It’s a problem we can tackle with or without a doctor IF we have a firm resolve.

Subscribe to a Reliable Healthcare Publication

One way we can resolve to help ourselves, without a doctor’s help is by getting on the mailing list to receive reputable healthcare publications like Health Tips from Verywell.  It’s an excellent publication! My opinion, of course. You may read it and think “But I know this already!” And that’s probably true. But sometimes if what you know is written in a professional publication as a sort of “guidance”, “advice” or “Warning!” … you might go beyond knowing and act on it!  There are lots of publications out there. But as a non-medical professional, I think this one is pretty good! The advice is outstanding and very sensible.

Yes, I’ll throw in the bit about “nothing should be substituted for professional medical advice” yadda yadda. I don’t have this particular behavioral problem but do realize that overeating is a very serious problem for many people. I also realize that some people don’t even have access to medical professionals, dieticians, nutritionists, wellness and fitness experts, etc.  That’s why they need to figure out a way to help themselves.

Meditation is Another Way to Develop a Healthier Lifestyle in the New Year

Have you ever tried meditation? Healthy or healthier eating is a major step in developing a healthier lifestyle. The next thing people always say is that one should exercise more. That’s true. But in my humble opinion, I think one should meditate more. Why? Because in today’s hectic world, people are extremely stressed. Not just in their own personal life, with the everyday problems of finance and personal relationships but … uuhh … have you listened to the news reports for 2019? There is a lot of anger in the world! People are protesting everywhere and the political arenas are like watching gladiators doing battle!! Only, unlike the gladiator battles of ancient Rome, the spectating audience, i.e. the general public, are not cheering. They are stressed and on edge! The Number 1 scientifically-proven health benefit of meditation is that it reduces stress.

So I would also like to say that in addition to developing healthier eating habits, one should learn yoga or other meditation techniques. What’s even better? One should combine meditation with aromatherapy. Take a moment to de-stress by pampering yourself and don’t feel guilty for doing it!

♦ For the new year, IF you have resolved to develop a healthier lifestyle, do you think these two ways can get you headed in the right direction?

2 thoughts on “Will Your New Year Be Happy and Healthy?

  1. Yeah! I’m already headed in the right direction. I’m more concioud of my health now than ever. I’m go the healthy route of watching what I eat and drink and keeping anything that will hinder my efforts at Bay. It going to my a healthy year for me I believe.

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