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I am a huge Priyanka Chopra-Jonas (PCJ) fan. But as much as I admire her and admire her work, I am sorry to say that her music “crossover” efforts in the USA totally bombed!

In My City” was her collaboration with a talented American artist Will I. Am (of Black Eyed Peas fame). Its purpose was for her to “cross over” and expose her talent to more Westerners. Why not? American artists collaborate with American artists, all the time. That’s how they survive. Why not mix and match?

The song premiered on September 13, 2012, at the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football. An American football audience of TV viewers is maximum exposure. Unfortunately, it did not really put her on the map for the American music scene. The closest she got to this part of the entertainment scene was to marry Nick Jonas. He’s popular on the music scene with or without his brothers.

I’m not trying to be insulting to Ms. PC. I know she’s Bollywood royalty. I’m simply stating the facts, with respect to her musical collaborations.

However, when it came to Ms. Chopra’s acting choices, she made much better decisions by landing the leading role in an American television series, “Quantico“. With this TV show, she made her American television debut, playing the part of Alex Parrish, an FBI agent. I watched the series from start to finish. I didn’t like the ending and when I saw it, I figured she was going to be moving on. The most I could hope for her was that Quanitico opened a door for and she would get more parts, not just in TV programs but also in American movies.

PCJ is a “triple threat”. When somebody uses that term, it’s a compliment. It means the person can sing, dance, and act and can do them all really well!! Most Indian film stars – male or female – are triple threats!

But! …

Ms. Chopra’s musical collaborations or crossover efforts were really bad choices. It’s no reflection on her talent. She’s got what it takes. She also did a song with PitBull ( “Exotic”) and it didn’t really get anybody’s attention either.

I’m glad she did not continue to pursue that avenue. It’s a wise person who knows when to throw in the towel and move on.

It’s 2020. She got married in 2018 to Nick Jonas. I am happy if she’s happy with her personal life. But professionally? What has Ms. Chopra-Jonas done lately?

The headlines do not read too well. A year ago (2019) an article was published by Firstpost, which is not really like a major entertainment publication. But I have to admit the article writer’s title was spot on: All hype & no work for Priyanka in the West?- Entertainment News, Firstpost

Let me tell you something. Priyanka Chopra-Jonas doesn’t just represent Indian women. She could possibly open doors for all women of color (WOC). When WOC see a beautiful, talented actress/singer/dancer, with a lot to bring to the table whether it’s a TV show or a movie and she can’t break through, it’s discouraging. I mean … we are all glad that she’s happy with her “boo”. But nobody is really interested in the fact she’s taking piano lessons from her hubby. Priyanka Chopra is taking piano lessons from Nick Jonas in quarantine

I know this coronavirus quarantine is cramping everybody’s style but she wasn’t doing a whole lot even before the pandemic. Was she? I mean … ??? … Did I miss something?

Any PCJ fans out there? Got any exciting news?

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