Why You Should Drink Tea and Coffee For Brain Health

Tea was introduced by Chinese people in the third century BC. They started drinking Tea as a medicinal drink. However, tea was introduced to Europe only in the 16th century. Likewise, the earliest evidence of drinking coffee dates back to 9th century, however, credible proof dates to the 15th century in modern day Yamen. They drank coffee in the sufi shrines. From Middle east, coffee reached Europe and the rest of the world. Currently, tea and coffee are much loved drinks the world over.

Tea and coffee contain caffeine which gives some sort of sedative effect, which is why a lot of people believe that tea and coffee are not good for you and might harm your brain and body. However, scientific studies and clinical studies suggest something else. Tea and coffee in moderation have a lot of health benefits.

Green Tea to Improve Memory

Green tea contains zero calories (if you have not added sugar), therefore, green tea is good to maintain weight or lose weight.

Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps in improving mood. This amino acid is also associated with the improvement of recalling capacity and learning abilities. Caffeine and L-theanine in green tea boosts the brain functions. L-theanine is also said to stop brain plague, therefore, green tea is highly recommended for Alzheimer’s disease.

Coffee To Boost Brain Functions

Coffee is very popular drink. Coffee contains caffeine. Too much caffeine might harm you, however, if you take caffeine in moderate amount, caffeine has many health benefits. It not only helps in the physiological functions but also in cognitive functions. As long as you do not add milk, cream and sugar in your coffee, there are zero calories.

Coffee boost brain functions. It improves mood, lifts sprit, and develops memory. Taking coffee regularly makes your brain sharp and also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

A cup of coffee in the morning or day time helps you remain active, however, late night coffee might have an adverse effect on your sleep.

Yerba Mate to Develop Deep Concentration

Yerba mate is from the family holly. The fresh leaves or sun-dried leaves can be boiled to make tea. Yerba mate tea is popular in the Southern United States and Mexico. Yerba mate is also widely used as tea in South America. Yerba mate tea has many health benefits.

Some of the health benefits of yerba mate tea are increase mental energy and increase focus and clarity. Since yerba mate tea does not contain caffeine, you don’t get jitters by drinking yerba mate tea. You can use yerba mate as brain boosting drink. Yerba mate is low in calorie, thus, you can drink yerba mare to control weight. Hundred grams of yerba mate has only 22 calories.

Herbal Tea for Smooth Functioning of the Brain

Antioxidants are the substance that inhibits oxidation or inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides. Tea and coffee are antioxidants. This is one major benefits of taking tea regularly.

Some other benefits of herbal tea are:

Providing energy to brain

Improving functioning of the brain

Improving mental health

Reducing stress and anxiety

7 thoughts on “Why You Should Drink Tea and Coffee For Brain Health

  1. But what amount of sugar we should take in coffee or tea . I usually take three cups of tea with 1 spoon sugar. Is it good or do I need to make changes on intake and amount of sugar I use


  2. Tea and coffee can boost up memory function, refresh mind, give stamina and even improve better heart function but uses must be moderate. This article is informative and beneficial to tea and coffee lovers.

  3. Tea and occasional will step up memory operate, refresh mind, offer stamina and even improve higher heart operate however uses should be moderate. this text is informative and helpful to tea and occasional lovers.

  4. This article was very informative. I learned many new facts about tea and coffee. I didn’t knew that coffee improves mood, develops memory and taking coffee regularly would make my brain sharp. Thanks a lot for this article.

  5. Thanks for the information about the benefits of drinking tea and coffee. I now know the health benefits of it, at least it helps sharpen the brain. I don’t take tea or coffee often, just at times.

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